This is my GURPS section. Some of the documents here are kind of outdated. Newer stuff is near the top. 4th edition material is marked with an asterisk (everything else is 3rd edition or doesn't mention rules affected by edition).

GURPS 4th Edition House Rules *
Some house rules I use when GMing GURPS 4E.

A fantasy setting.

A steampunk setting.

Stuff from my group's modern-day Greek-gods-reawakened campaign.

Transhuman Space Stuff
Various things I've written especially for this setting.

Cuttlefish Hit Location Table

A table and some rules for attacks dealing with this particular cephalopod.

Alternate Hit Location Table by Pauli Hakala
A good full-body hit location table most suitable for ranged attacks.

3d6 Probabilities
Text file of dice odds.

Random GURPS Ideas
Miscellaneous things I think up but don't bother developing.

Campaign Log
Old session logs from campaigns I've GMed or played in.

GURPS Books I Own
A list of GURPS books I own (no longer updated).

GURPS House Rules (3rd ed.)
Really old 3rd edition house rules we don't use anymore.

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