Cuttlefish Hit Location Table

cuttlefish body
Tompsett, D.H. 1939. Sepia. Liverpool Marine Biological Committee Memoirs. 32: 184 pp. London. Williams and Norgate.

Roll (on 3d)
Location, effects
Funnel. Treat as a groin hit on a human.
Mantle. Treat as a hit to the torso.*
Mantle, vitals. Roll 2d on next table.*
Tentacles. Treat as a hit to the arm, but roll 1d6 to determine which arm is hit (assume the 2 farthest from the attacker cannot be hit).

Cuttlefish Mantle (Vitals) Hit Location Table

Roll (on 2d)
Location, effects
Ink sac. Thrusting attacks only. If permanently crippled by a hit of HT/3 or more, the cuttlefish will be unable to produce ink. Meanwhile, if underwater, the visibility in the area will drop from the released ink.
Gill. Crippled on HT/4 (remember, cuttlefish have two gills). If both gills are crippled, the victim cannot breathe properly and will die in 30-HT minutes without medical attention.
Fin. Cutting or Impaling attacks only (or Crushing attacks doing HT damage or more). Reduce move by 1 per point of damage to the Fins (to a maximum of 4 damage per fin). (Cuttlefish have two fins.) [This location not protected by the cuttlefish's shell.]
No effect.
Reproductive organ(s). If HT/3 or more damage is taken, roll HT. On a failure, the victim acquires the Sterile disadvantage.
Primary heart. Treat as a hit to the heart.

*Special Note on Cuttlefish Bones: Cuttlefish have a single large, wide bone that stretches down the length of the mantle. This bone is thick, but porous. It helps them maintain their buoyancy. In GURPS terms, it provides DR 3 to attacks to the top of the mantle. If the cuttlefish is below the attacker, this protection is automatic. If the cuttlefish is above the attacker, the DR does not protect. If the attacker faces the cuttlefish head-on or from the side, the shell should have a two-thirds chance of protecting the mantle (1-4 on 1d).

These values were calculated based on surface area of the various features when a cuttlefish is viewed in profile. They are not 100% accurate. In order to accommodate the standard probabilities when rolling 3d, certain location-odds were fudged by up to 4%.

"...they should be fed daily to avoid cannibalism..." — NRCC, John W. Forsythe