Here's some stuff that doesn't fit in anywhere else on the site:


Some desktop backgrounds I've made.

The Memetic Lexicon
Doing my part to infect others with the big meta-meme. A glossary of memetics.

Song Lyrics
Lyrics I've collected/ typed up/ edited for some songs.

O RLY? Galleries
Galleries of a particular 4chan meme.

Cam Gallery 1
Some pics I took right after I got my webcam.

Guess the Song
A little game. Listen to sound clips and see if you can name the tune.

HJO3's Anime Series Ratings
Mini-reviews and descriptions for anime series. (Stopped updating in 2004.)

People I Know
Pictures and names of ppl I know.

The International Radio Operators Phonetic Alphabet
Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and all that. Includes digits.

Internet Acronyms
A list of acronyms used online and their meanings.

"Everything of importance has been said before by somebody who did not discover it." — Alfred North Whitehead