News/Technology News:

Slashdot. Who doesn't know about Slashdot? Great site. Updated constantly.

ZZZ Online. Informal, semi-obscure technology news site. Updated weekly.

Paul Harvey. Daily radio broadcasts that you can listen to in RM or WMA formats. Sums up current events and amusing wire stories. "Stand by for news!" Updated constantly. Worse than Slashdot, but occasionally interesting.

Computer Stuff:

AnandTech Forums. One of the largest computer-enthusiast forums in the world.

Tom's Hardware Guide. New stuff every few days. Very nice reviews and guides, very professional. Excellent benchmarks.

WinCustomize. All kinds of skins, icons, and wallpapers. Where I get most of my ObjectDock icons and docklets.

Comics/Funny Stuff:

Penny-Arcade. Everyone knows about this. Updated on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule.

Red Meat. Black and white, re-uses art. Weird Earl is cool. Great archive system.

The Onion. Weekly news satire. The "Savage Love" article (linked off the Onion AV Club page) is pretty interesting.

PvP. Player Versus Player. Updated daily. I prefer the print comic, so don't visit site regularly. Comics. Basically, all the comics that run in regular newspapers every day, for free on the web. Dilbert, Foxtrot, Zits, etc.

Angst Technology. Really good black & white comic that's updated every weekday. I think it's about as good as PvP.

Something Awful. Occasionally funny, but usually just really low-brow.

Get Fuzzy. One of my favorite syndicated comic strips.

Strong-Bad's e-mail. A new little flash episode every Monday (theoretically). Funny.

Commander Kitty. In terms of funniness and originality, I'd put this on about the same level as 8-bit Theater. It does look a little better though. Updated semi-regularly.

Perry Bible Fellowship. Kinda like Farside. But funny. No longer updated. (This link is to the archive.)

VGCats. Updated every Wednesday (sometimes). Lots of jokes about video games, but typically more accessible than PA's game-specific strips.

The Best Page in the Universe. Maddox rants. Very funny.

White Ninja. Another hilarious faux-crappy-art strip.

Red Vs Blue. Comedic Halo machinima videos.

Able and Baker. Like Calvin and Hobbes, but with references to drinking and strippers.

Toothpaste for Dinner. New single-panel comics every day!

Natalie Dee. Part blog, part refrigerator art.

General Interest/Miscellaneous:

Word of the Day. Hosted by, gives you a new peice of vocabulary every day with multiple examples on how to use it. Not very evanescent at all. Salubrious for your oratory loquaciousness.

The Internet Movie Database. The web source for movies, TV shows, and actors. Searchable.

The Straight Dope. A new (or old) column every weekday by Cecil Adams (or a staff member). Answers to all kinds of questions most people don't think about.

Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy: The Home Page. Great site for debunking hare-brained conspiracy theories/fake-hoaxes and correcting misconceptions. Points out errors made, regarding astronomy, in TV shows, movies, etc.

Apple - QuickTime - Movie Trailers. All the new movie trailers in QT format.

Jump the Shark. Chronicling the moments when TV shows go downhill.

RottenTomatoes. Great movie review site.

Boing Boing. Neat links, updated constantly. Kind of like Slashdot if they were a lot less serious and Linux-crazy.

Wikipedia. A great free online encyclopedia with user-created content.

craigslist. Terrific universal resource/bulletin board for anyone living in or around a major city. Jobs, housing, personals, garage sales... you can find or advertise practically anything there.

Overchan. Directory of English image boards. Great source of internet memes. Some of the linked sites may have graphic or disturbing content.

Blogdex. Links in the blogosphere ranked by current popularity.

MetaFilter. A community weblog; basically a large collection of links with comments, updated constantly.


BitTorrent @ Various anime series, but only ones that are not currently licensed in the US.

TorrentSpy. A directory of torrents from various sites. The new

MySpleen. Torrent site for cartoons and miscellaneous comedy shows. Requires registration. Another torrent site, miscellaneous stuff.

mininova. Yet another torrent site, miscellaneous files in categories.

Azureus. My favorite BT client.

Games: Really great, informative, and official site about the card game. Updated daily with articles and an "Ask the Wizards" feature.

GURPS from SJ Games. The official company web site. Mainly useful for learning about new releases and coming books.

GURPS Stuff by Scott Maykrantz. Some great stuff about robots, gadgets, advantages, skills, evil cows, spell casting, swords, and more.

andi jones's GURPS Resources. Some interesting stuff from [sic] andi jones plus his Character of the Week archive.

Emily Smirle's GURPS Stuff. Ads, disads, psionics (including the much needed, IMHO, "Sonokinesis"), supers, cyberware, and more.
Friends' Sites:
Beefyness. Beefy's blog and stuff. Amateur "nerdcore" rapper and cartoonist.

Blog of Doom. Michael Shaffer's blog. Writes about his family, politics, whatever.

krunk4ever. Interesting blog by a Microsoft-employed Chinese AnandTecher. Andre's site. Another ATer. Goes to UC Irvine.
Online Shops/e-Commerce: News on sales, coupons, rebates, etc. posted daily.

Price Watch - Street Price Search Engine.

1COOLPC. Great online-shop in Washington state that sells cooling hardware and a few cases/mods. Computer hardware shop. Typically the best prices and service.

FatWallet. Good for finding coupon codes and good deals.

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