GURPS - Generic Universal Role-Playing System. An RPG system that I'm especially fond of (having purchased more than 60 books). This page contains information about my own campaign settings, alternate hit tables, new templates, and more.

BRAWL Variants - BRAWL is a really, really fast-paced card game (e.g. lasts about 90 seconds) made by James Ernest Games with art by the Foglios. These are additional rules or changes I made up to (hopefully) enhance the game or at least give players something different to try.

Backgammon House Rules & Rule Variants - Stuff for backgammon.

Magic: The Gathering - Stuff for this Collectible Card Game (CCG). Probably just some decks.

HackMaster Resources - Useful materials for this AD&D-based role-playing game from Kenzer & COmpany. Mostly extra forms and documents to make elements of the game easier to manage.

"Whatever games are played with us, we must play no games with ourselves." — Ralph Waldo Emerson