HackMaster Resources

Player Character Record Materials (Forms)

The Original HackMaster Player Character Record
(from KenzerCo, provided here for your convenience)
hm_recordsheet.pdf [34.4 kB; Adobe Acrobat PDF]

Thief Abilities & Treasure
(columns for specific ability bonuses, coinage and gems)
hm_thiefabils_treasure_sheet.doc [26.5 kB; MS Word DOC]

Inventory: Containers, Contents, Weights & Locations
(4 pages; also covers ammunition and lent/not-carried items)
hm_inventory_locations.doc [53.0 kB; MS Word DOC]

Skills, Talents & Proficiencies
(very detailed skill records, etc.)
hm_skills_talents_profs.doc [22.0 kB; MS Word DOC]

A General Map of Garweeze Wurld

Garweeze Wurld Map

For more detailed geographical information, check out the Garweeze Wurld Atlas.

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