BRAWL Variants

Other ways to play the James Ernest/Cheapass Games real-time card game. These are rules alterations and so forth that can make the game more interesting, especially if you've gotten bored with the standard system.

Color Changes: Reverses can be used to change hit colors in a current string. A Reverse can now be played on a hit as well as a base; if played on a hit, the player calls out a color. The string is now treated as if it were that color (frex, a 'Blue' Reverse on a red string would allow blue hits or blue blocks to be played on it).

Draw!: Go get an "Uno" deck. Take all the 'Draw Two' cards out and put two of them into each player's BRAWL deck. You can play these at anytime in the game and force your opponent to take the top two cards off his draw deck and place them in his discard pile. Also, you can add a 'Wild' card to each player's BRAWL deck which, when played (as an interruption, like the 'Draw Two' card) forces your opponent to clear his/her discard pile (just like the effect of the actual Clear card).

Discard Return: Each time a Clear is played, any player has the option of turning his discard pile face-down and placing it on top of his/her draw pile.

Global Base Modifiers: Rather than playing base modifiers (frex, Clear, Reverse, Null) on individual bases, they are played into a seperate pile and affect all the bases at once. One exception: Clear cards only clear the outermost bases (that is, if there are 3 bases in play, the middle one is saved). This can get really weird if people keep playing Nulls and Clears, so you might want to use the Discard Return variant as well. This variant will cause more 'draw' games than usual, so be prepared to play best three out of five or more. Remember that Press cards nullify everything under them.

One-Handed Play: Each player can only play with one hand and their decks must remain on the table for the whole game. This tends to slow play as most people are used to holding their draw decks in the left hand while placing cards with the right.

Triple Hit Shouts: Any time a base accumulates exactly three hits on either side, the first player to shout "Triple" (or another appropriate word of your choosing) gains control of those hits (or retains control) and can move them to his/her side of the base (and only that side, regardless of the presence of Reverses).

Do you have an idea for a BRAWL variant/special rule/card? E-mail it to me and I'll post it here with your name attatched.

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