Guess the Song

This page is an adaptation of a game I ran on the AnandTech Off-Topic forum (ATOT) in April of 2004. There had been some other "guess the song" games in the forum, but they were based on lyrics which were really easy to Google (i.e. cheat at). So I converted some of my MP3s to WAVs, threw 'em into a sound editor to chop 'em down to 3 second clips without lyrics, then re-encoded them at a lower bitrate to conserve bandwidth.

See how many you can figure out! After listening to all the clips, click the link at the bottom of the page to see the right answers. How many did you guess correctly?

Audio clips are in MP3 format (56 kbps, 44 kHz, mono).

Sample 01: LINK
     17.4 kB, 2.4 s

Sample 02: LINK
     26.0 kB, 3.7 s

Sample 03: LINK
     23.3 kB, 3.3 s

Sample 04: LINK
     23.3 kB, 3.3 s

Sample 05: LINK
     20.5 kB, 2.9 s

Sample 06: LINK
     20.3 kB, 2.8 s

Sample 07: LINK
     21.7 kB, 3.0 s

Answers Page

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