HJO3's Anime Series Ratings

I use this as a very basic database to remember which anime series I like and which I don't want to waste time with. It's useful because I watch a lot of very recent anime that don't yet have English reviews or information available.

Ratings key:

Rating Meaning
A Liked the series very much, will definitely continue watching.
B Liked the series. Likely to keep watching.
C Neutral. May or may not keep watching.
D Disliked the series. Probably won't watch anymore.
F Hated the series. Will almost certainly never watch again.

Anime Rating Description
Asagiri no Miko D Some girls form a "shrine maiden" club to protect their highschool from evil spirits and monsters. Magical girl/modern day.
Chrno Crusade D A nun and demon team up in 1920s New York to fight evil spirits. Supernatural/1920s.
Da Capo D Guy, a failed wizard, can see into peoples' dreams. Magic/modern day.
Digi Charat Nyo F Extremely silly, pointless, annoying story of two princesses from outer space who crash land their spaceship in Japan and end up living in a shopping district. Sci fi/silly/magical girl.
Full Metal Alchemists A Two brothers, one a master alchemist with a couple mechanical limbs, the other with a full mechanical body, travel around practicing alchemy-magic. Magic/near past.
Full Metal Panic! C A guy who works for a high-tech, independent, anti-terrorism military force goes undercover to protect some highschool girl. Sci fi/modern day.
Get Backers F Two guys, each with unexplained super powers, run a pseudo-private-eye business that "gets back" things that have been lost. Powers/modern day.
Maburaho C Main character is a guy who's basically a failure as a wizard, but his genes are invaluable so all the girls at his school are after him. Romance/Magic/modern day.
Maico 2010 B An experimental android is sent to a Tokyo radio station to work as a DJ in the year 2010. The station is, of course, run by a ragtag group of funny misfits. Robot girl/comedy.
Great Teacher Onizuka A Some guy, a lazy, antiauthoritarian, ex-gang member biker, becomes a highschool teacher. Modern day.
Planetes A Girl gets a job on a space station cleaning up space debris in Earth orbit, meets ragtag group, "Hann Section." Sci fi.
Rockman EXE Axess F Megaman meets Digimon. Too stupid for words. A kids' show. Sci fi/kids.
Shingetsutan Tsukihime F Guy in highschool has an affliction from childhood that makes him see lines of weakness in things unless he wears special glasses. Because of a parent's death, he has to move back home to live with his creepy sister. Slow, dark, and boring. Modern day.
Spiral D A highschool girl and her little brother solve mysteries. Mystery/modern day.
Stellvia of the Universe D A young girl leaves her family on Earth to attend a special school on a space station in the year 2356. She and her tween friends fly spaceships and stuff. Sci fi/kids.
Tenshi na Konamaiki C Some guy was turned into a girl at age nine by a magician and seems to be doomed to spend the rest of his life as a female. And he just started highschool. WTF. Romance/Modern day.

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