GURPS Books I Own

GURPS Basic, 3rd ed. rev. (Hardcover)
GURPS Space, 3rd ed.
GURPS Vehicles, 2nd ed.
GURPS Bio-Tech
GURPS Cyberpunk
GURPS Magic Items 1
GURPS Magic Items 2
GURPS Cyberworld
GURPS Magic, 2nd ed.
GURPS In Nomine
GURPS Grimoire
GURPS Ultra-Tech
GURPS Ultra-Tech 2
GURPS Religion
GURPS Fantasy Bestiary
GURPS Best of Pyramid Vol. 1
GURPS Compendium I
GURPS Compendium II
GURPS Robots
GURPS Supers, 2nd ed.
GURPS Imperial Rome, 2nd ed.
GURPS Bestiary, 3rd ed.
GURPS Aztecs
GURPS Castle Falkenstein
GURPS Alternate Earths
GURPS Alternate Earths 2
GURPS Russia
GURPS Martial Arts, 2nd ed.
GURPS Undead
GURPS Time Travel
GURPS Psionics
GURPS Low-Tech
GURPS Steampunk
GURPS Swashbucklers, 3rd ed.
GURPS Discworld
GURPS Voodoo
GURPS Old West, 2nd ed.
GURPS Technomancer
GURPS Reign of Steel
GURPS Illuminati
GURPS Traveller
GURPS Lensman, 2nd ed. (acquired 5-18-01)
GURPS Fantasy Folk (acquired 6-8-01)
GURPS Atlantis (acquired 6-8-01)
GURPS Warehouse 23 (acquired 6-8-01)
GURPS Disworld Also (acquired 6-8-01)
GURPS Traveller: Ground Forces (acquired 6-20-01)
GURPS Atomic Horror, 3rd ed. (acquired 9-7-01)
GURPS Screampunk (32 pages) (acquired 9-7-01)
GURPS Spirits
GURPS Monsters
GURPS Cthulhupunk
GURPS High-Tech (acquired 11-28-01)
GURPS Best of Pyramid Vol. 2
GURPS Steam-Tech (acquired 2-8-02)
GURPS Cops (acquired 2-8-02)
GURPS Modern Firepower (64-page mini-book)
GURPS Screampunk (64-page mini-book)
GURPS Vehicles Expansion 1 (64-page mini-book)
GURPS Vehicles Expansion 2 (64-page mini-book)

... (stopped counting for a while)

Transhuman Space (Hardcover)
Transhuman Space: Personnel Files
Transhuman Space: Under Pressure
Transhuman Space: High Frontier
Transhuman Space: In the Well
Transhuman Space: Fifth Wave

Current Total: > 60 books

"Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint." — Mark Twain