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Current Campaign Logs:
Jason's "The Tick" Campaign
My Unnamed TL10 Sci-Fi Campaign
My Upsidaisium Steampunk Campaign
The Zombietown, USA Campaign (incomplete)

Note: As of mid-September, 2001, I've kind of gotten lazy and stopped making entries here. We have one to three games a week and the to-be-entered-logs just keep piling up. So, unless theres some great demand, I'll either (a) stop doing the entries regularly, or (b) make really short entries that briefly describe the session. Anywho.

1st Session: July 7th, 2001
Upsidaisium Steampunk World (Alternate History 1880s Europe, Middle East and U.S.)

GM: Henry Oliver
Players: Matt Allen, Nicole Hanneman

Summary: Nicole is playing a Wealthy French Inventress, specializing in steam engines and clockwork; Matt is playing a multi-lingual British Savate Fighter who travels the european circuit most of the year. Right off, Nicole receives a telegram from Versailles (she lives 15 miles out) requesting her presence in London at 8:00 pm this night for a Big Job. She goes to the Administrations Office in Versailles via horse-drawn carriage, along with her assistant, Antoinne. There, she meets Matt who has been chosen as her unikely bodyguard. The clerk give her a letter full of nonsense words and three tickets on the Paris-to-London zeppelin, to depart at 4:00 pm. She and her two associates grab another carriage to Paris (there's almost an altercation between Gabriel (Matt) and a French Coachman, but it is avoided. They arrive in Paris, copious flavor text ensues, and eventually they make their way up a sky-hook elevator with Adrienne's (Nicole) three heavy steamer trunks.

They make it to London in good time and are immediately escorted to Jakob Smith's office in a nearby Gentlemen's Club by a tall, dark, gloomy man (Boris, Jakob's butler). Jakob reveals that he worked for the British Counter-Surveillance Service and during his time in India underwent tissue-bleaching (rendering him invisible) in order to effectively trail a gang of Arabian terrorists. Unfortunately, the bleaching process has reduced his lifespan dramatically and he will die within the next six months, unless a cure can be found. It just so happens that Mr. Smith has heard of an American inventor, Doctor Johnny Prophet, who is rumored to have successfully reversed tissue-bleaching... Gabriel and Adrienne are to travel to Oregon (or-eh-GAHN) to find Dr. Prophet and bring him back to jolly old England. They've been given tickets aboard a super-zeppelin that is to leave in three days. Boris and Antoinne will accompany them.

Gabriel, Adrienne and Antoinne retire to their hotel (The Glaring Herring) and, after a few drinks at the tavern below, go to bed. During the night, they're attacked by three Arabian men with falchions and throwing knives. Gabriel punches two of them, taking some damage himself, and Adrienne shoots the third in the foot with her Colt Thunderer, crippling him. After a while, things get sorted out with the hotel staff and the party gets their third-floor room comped and are given a free stay in some spare servant's quarters for the night. In the morning, a phrenologist/medical-examiner comes to inspect the bodies with an undertaker, but not before Matt and Adrienne loot the bodies for their swords, knives, middle-eastern currency, and jewelery (as well as a canteen of 2 pts. Upsidaisium Extract Tonic).

The phrenologist figures out Gabriel killed two of the men after they were unconscious, but recognizing him as the son of a well-known Lord, gives him a note in Russian (Matt thinks) for the chief of police to excuse him from any fines or questioning. Gabriel and Adrienne, with Antoinne in tow, head to the station and deliver the note to the chief. He mis-interprets the note and figures Matt and Nicole for the weekly courier for Dr. Waterson's contraband materials (which the chief is being black-mailed for). He gives them a package and tells them to get out. Gabriel and Adrienne examine it and find hypodermic needles, bags of chemicals and a heavy book on reanimation. They take it to the phrenologist's office and receive a few shillings from the oblivious secretary for their trouble.

Matt and Nicole send Antoinne back to the Glaring Herring and journey into the Shades of London to fence their stolen goods. Walking past a dark alley, they here the familiar "Your money or your life" bit and turn around to see a scruffy American with a large knife. Matt and him, in a surreal bit of conversation, hit it off and learn that the American came here on a delivery job to get a bag of Bertonium to the transmission-tower in Liverpool but was stiffed by the receiving company. Matt and Nicole travel to Liverpool, stay overnight, arrange a transaction for their friend Jack, and get a 5% finders fee from him (he made about 15 pounds). Jack asks to travel with them to the States and gets a steerage ticket on the super-zeppelin for 10 pounds. With Jack's assistance, Gabriel and Adrienne (dressed as a man) travel back into the Shades and fence their Arabian materials for a few pounds (they keep the gold and lustrium jewelery). About this time, it was 12:30 am and Nicole had to go home so we adjourned for the night.

2nd Session: September 24th, 2001
Upsidaisium Steampunk World (Alternate History 1880s Europe, Middle East and U.S.)

GM: Henry Oliver
Players: Matt Allen, Justin Osborn

Summary: Game time, it is August 18th, 1882. Matt is playing Dr. Johnny Argente, a physician based in Rustins, Arizona; Justin is playing Damian, an old-fashioned, Western bounty hunter. The scene opens in the Wailing Wallaby Saloon in Santa Fe, Texas [remember: it's an alternate history--some city locations are different, thus Santa Fe is not the capital of New Mexico...actually, El Paso is] where Damian meets Argente. Damian and Argente were hired by an Indian (East Indian) man known only as 'Mahib' to kill a British bank-robber [supposedly] named Limey Gabriel. Mahib is giving them the bounty 10 days before it is released to the public and has offered a reward of $200, if the man is killed; Dr. Argente is employed by Mahib to check up on Damian and ensure that the person killed is indeed Gabriel and not a duplicate or imposter and that the body is definitely deceased without possibility of re-animation.

At any rate, the saloon is far too noisy, so Damian and Argente decide to go down to the local brothel to discuss the 'hit' instead. Once inside, they have scarcely begun to talk when a ruckus erupts upstairs (girls screaming, heavy things hitting walls). The receptionist telegraphs the police while Damian and Argente (D & A) draw their pistols. Shortly, the recptionist runs out into the street as the local sheriff and his two deputies enter the establishment. The sheriff sees D & A with weapons drawn and assumes they are the reason for the call. He orders them to throw down their guns (they comply) and sends one deputy over to handcuff them while the other goes upstairs to investigate.

D, having thrown down his gun, draws another from within his coat, and is shot by the sheriff in the right leg, taking 5 points of damage and crippling the limb. In response, D blasts the sheriff in the chest (called shot), dealing about 75 points of damage. The sheriff, unfortunately, is a mere 6 hexes from the wall of the brothel and is knocked back 9 hexes into the wall, taking an additional 3d of damage, bringing the total to about 85 points of damage. Needless to say, the officer was dead.

While that's happening, A has dropped to the floor and is crawling toward his gun while the first deputy (on the ground floor) fires at D. He scores a hit on Damian's right hand, dealing 3 points of damage (blow-through) and crippling the extremetie. D turns and blasts a couple shots into the offending deputy with his good hand (he's ambidextrous), killing the man.

The deputy upstairs (the building has a high celing, the 1st floor overlooks the lobby) figures out what's happening and fires at Damian, but misses. D turns and fires a shot that hits the guy in the face, putting him out cold (but still alive, thanks to some decent HT checks). A grabs the dead deputy's gun instead and runs upstairs. Finding that deputy still breathing slightly, he tries to twist the guy's neck but fails (ST of 8). He then slices the man's throat with his knife. Meanwhile, downstairs, D decides to mutilate and loot the bodies of the sheriff and the deputy (mutilation b/c of the paranoia and bloodlust disadvantages he has).

A loots his body and opens the door (original source of the noise) to find a dead 'soiled dove' [see GURPS: Old West] and a bedsheet-rope hanging out the window. D & A catch a glimpse of a crowd gathering in the street, and so take the back door. In the empty lot behind the whore-house, they find a horse hooked up to a two-person buggy, next to a dead, rough looking, unsavory-type man holding a small pouch of three gold nuggets [A's Serendipity advantage]. Here, A performs some quick first aid on D to stop his bleeding, and they pile into the buggy to escape town. Unfortunately, A does not have the Teamster or Riding skill(s), and loses control of the horse seven miles outside of Santa Fe. The horse breaks into an break-neck gallop and catches one of the buggy's wheels on a large, dead branch, throwing D & A onto the ground and utterly wrecking the vehicle. The horse runs off into the desert.

D takes a small amount of damage and A tumbles around without a scratch on him. Again, A tries to patch D up, but realizes surgery is necessary. Salvaging his doctor's bag from the wrecked buggy, A sets about clearing the area and laying D out on the buggy's bench to remove the bullet from his thigh. D makes some HT checks for infection and succeeds. A begins the surgery, anesthetizing D. A rolls vs. Surgery with a -6 penalty and fails miserably, dealing 3d of damage to D. D makes two HT checks, but fails the second one and dies on the 'operating table.'

Each player was awarded three hundred EPs (three character points) for the session--Matt plans to have Justin's character resurrected via re-animation.

3rd Session: September 8th, 2001
Upsidaisium Steampunk World (Alternate History 1880s Europe, Middle East and U.S.)

GM: Henry Oliver
Players: Matt Allen, Justin Osborn, Hanwool Lee

Summary: Game time, we began on the morning of August 19th, 1882. Argente had made camp with Damian's dead body nearby and hidden the Sheriff's star in the desert. Presently, a black coach, pulled by black horses (driven by a short, fat man dressed all in black with a stovepipe hat) arrived. The undertaker's wagon! He offers Johnny A. a ride to Arizona and the good doctor accepts. The undertaker is disturbingly understanding about J.A. loading the corpse up onto the top of the carriage--no questions asked. When Argente enters the coach, he finds a cheap pine coffin and some fellow whom he assumes is the undertaker's assistant (it's really dark in there). They ride for a while and eventually make it up into the foot hills of the Rocky Mountains. Here they are stopped by a band of five mexican bandits with rifles. Argente gets out, followed by the undertaker's assistant... who turns out to be a hulking brute of a man (monster?) covered in stitches and scars!

This is actually Justin's temporary PC, in play while his other character is dead. It was made very clear at the beginning of the session that it would last ONLY 1 session--this thing was extremely munchkin-ized; I think Justin gave it 240 points of disads and a ST in the upper 60s. Really messed up. Anyway. In retrospect, I shouldn't have allowed it. I should have given him a pre-gen'd NPC, but oh well. It didn't throw the game out of whack or anything.

Fright checks ensue. The mexicans, who were about to skewer Johnny for fun, vamoose when the brute gets out (morale failures). About this time, the coffin opens with a creak, and an unremarkable Swede climbs out onto the trail to see what the fuss is all about. Turns out Argente recognizes him--Insane Ivar, the fastest gun in Texas! This is Hanwool's character (who drops from sight after this session due to Hanwool's leaving the Tri-Cities to go to the University of Washington). Anyway, it turns out Ivar paid off the undertaker to smuggle him out of Texas (he had a warrant out for himself, plus a few bounties). Luckily, they've made their way into New Mexico, near Las Cruces, in fact. Here, they make camp and Ivar's Cooking skill comes in handy. Mm, biscuits.

The next few days are boring travel. Damian's body begins to decompose a bit, so Johnny A. wraps it up and sticks it in the pine coffin. The smell is still awful and it seems to have gotten to the driver because he takes ill. Argente suggests that the disease is contagious (tch, failed Diagnosis rolls arn't pretty, eh?) and the brute and Ivar decide he needs to die. So they beat him with a stick and shoot him a couple times; ironically, it's his fall into the campfire that actually kills him (though he was unconcious at the time).

This fracas spooks the horses and they tear down the trail, dragging the coach behind them. Argente is able to chase them down and control them enough to lead the beasts back to camp. After the excitement, everyone sleeps.

The next morning, Ivar tries to drive the coach towards the nearest town (they're just about on the Arizona border). Of course, he only has the Riding skill which Teamster defaults to... at -5, I believe. Needless to say, he fails. One of the horses breaks it's leg, the other runs off (it's harness ripped from the carriage). Ivar doesn't fair much better--he cripples his right foot. At any rate, the coach remains intact, but the sudden movement jars it; a trunk, hidden on the underside breaks free. Upon investigation, the party discovers a human heart packed in sawdust, along with a set of keys and a small vial of yellow liquid labelled 'Prometheus Elixer.'

Justin's character kills the injured horse and picks up the coach's bar to pull it into town. After about 2 hours, they arrive in the town of Rustins, AZ. The sky is overcast and night is approaching. The party finds the town desserted, with the exception of an odd blood spatter here and there. On main street, they meet a tall Russian man named Boris who appears to be suffering from leperosy. He gives some cryptic advice to Argente and eventually explains his presence. After some discussion, Johnny A. finds out Boris is Dr. Johnny Prophet's first and only ressurection by re-animation. Meanwhile, Ivar finds out what caused the disappearance of the populace--a number of thin, expressionless, one-eyed automatons with hatchets for hands.

Ivar and Argente rush back to talk to Boris a bit more and find out the mechano-men are set on 'auto-kill' and only the code-phrase will stop them ("It was you who broke my mason plate."). Unfortunately, it's about this time that Justin's character begins suffering flashbacks (about his creation/mutilation and later escape). As he lies convulsing in the dirt, Prophet's automatons begin to chop him up. Johnny A. and Ivar stand by, unable to stop the slaughter. Or so they thought. After the brute has been thoroughly rendered and dissected, Hanwool says "Oh yeah! We could have stopped them with the password!" Ha ha ha.

About this time, Matt/Argente remembers that he's from Rustins, AZ. Hm. Guess he won't have to pay rent on the office and pharmacy anymore. Anyway, Johnny A. swings by his office and picks up a few choice drugs.

Ivar and Argente are then contacted via J.A.'s alpha-numeric handy (wireless telegraph device) by Prophet. He understands from his conversation with Boris, that Argente has a body in need of re-animation and a few very important components Prophet's been looking for. They make a deal and the party (sans brute) gets an invitation up to Prophet's air ship. The vessel descends from the clouds to hover two dozen yards above the ground; winches and rope ladders bring the party and Damian's corpse aboard. Apparently, the mechno-men were 'harvesting' body parts for Prophet's sinister purposes.

After some conversation and bargaining, it is decided that Argente and Prophet will operate on Damian at once. Ivar hobbles below deck on his makeshift crutch. Some disturbing scenes follow, mostly involving lightning strikes, fresh blood, and problems with corpse bloating. After the surgery, Damian's elan vitale is restored, but at a price. 40 points in disads, a twenty-thousand dollar debt, plus a -4 HT for the next 2 sessions.

EPs were awarded... Justin missed out on account of being dead, and I think Matt got about 250.

Brief Update:
Here's a quick summary of this campaign's happenings (about 5 session's worth as of November 22nd, 2001):

Damien was resurrected, he and Argente get dropped in Victoria, TX. They hop a train, kill the train robbers and the crew, kick the rest off, go towards San Antonio. The French and some other faction catch up, so D and A ditch the train (read: demolish via TNT) and take up hiding in San Antonio. Damien kills some ppl, this alerts everyone to their presence, they hide when some big group comes looking for 'em. They kill the leader (a sheriff Damien wounded in Victoria) and then get into some fights with each other. They do nasty stuff to each other and Damien winds up in jail (he's hideous since the reanimation). Argente goes off and starts a fledgling medical practice in San Antonio (which turns a decent profit) while Damien is sentenced to die by sinister noose. The night before his hanging, Damien gets broken out by the Luddites (wacko anti-tech religious group). They take him to their base, fix him up, and contract him to help destroy a new analytical engine in Detroit. Damien agrees, but once the ornithopter is in the air to take him to Michigan, he orders the pilot to land outside San Antonio. He goes into town, sees a doctor's office (not Argente's) and barges in. Kills someone, takes hostages, but isn't careful about watching his back or anything and gets cold-cocked by the receptionist/nurse. Argente is still doing house calls trying to save up money (I guess to buy an office in town). That's where we are today. It looks like Damien is going to hang for sure this time.

1st Session: May 19, 2001
Setting: Unnamed TL10 Sci-Fi/Space setting of Henry Oliver's Design

GM: Henry Oliver
Players: Jason Stejskal, Matt Allen, Justin Osborn, Nicole (?), Sarah (?)

Summary: All the characters started out on Locuss Station, a Class III jump port 100 AU from Sol. Nicole was hired by Dr. Johnny Prophet to find and deliver to him a Caster artifact that was promised to him by a random operative in the Rigel system. Nicole walks into The Wallaby, a sleazy bar on Locuss Station, to meet Jason, whose character is being blackmailed by Dr. Prophet in order to assist Nicole (he's been infected with a DNA-specific virus that will kill him in fifty days, unless Dr. Prophet administers the antidote). As Nicole enters The Wallaby, a fight breaks out in the hall. A severed arm, still smoking, rolls up to her feet followed shortly by Justin's character. Apparently, a thief had stolen his wallet, so of course, Justin had to visit sweet, painful vindication upon the poor soul. Anyway, about that time, Sarah, having been blown off by Jason (she was trying to hustle him for cash in her waitress get-up), wanders over to Justin and casually steals his holdout blaster from its holster.

Just as Jason and Nicole are beginning to sort out the whole Johnny Prophet quest, Matt comes in over the station's PA system, announcing a pirate attack in seven different languages. As the station is shaken by explosions, the PCs, in varying order, run to the docking ring (though Jason makes a slight detour to loot the bar... Venusian Brandy, mm mm!). Flash to Matt in the station's Section 5 Control Room; he suits up into his vacc suit, grabs his Kobold-D worker droid, and makes a run for the docking ring, picking up bits of destroyed maintenance bots along the way. Everyone arrives at the last remaining ship, but Sarah is a minute or so ahead of the rest, so she makes her way onto the bridge (curiously, the ship was unlocked and totally powered down). She finds everything to be under an inch of dust, with numerous rat nests and spider webs adorning the cargo bay. She powers up the ship, and right then a blast from a space pirate's X-Ray laser causes another explosion and a very heavy peice of metal is bent in front of the portal to the spaceship. Justin, Matt, Jason and Nicole arrive at that point (along with RX-DX^2... Matt's worker droid... gahhhh) and find the obstacle. Jason activates his Caster bracers and becomes encased in some translucent, glowing, golden exoskeleton to clear the portal, but Justin, with his ST 60, easily tears the massive steel obstruction away and walks up the passage tube to the derelict courier ship (which, BTW, is completely rusted on the outside... apparently, it spent a few dozen years planetside somewhere). Everyone follows him, but Justin finds the airlock has been sealed. So, Justin bashes the control unit near the door, then pries the door open. As that's happening, Sarah gets adjusted to the ancient controls and powers up the reactionless thrusters. The passage tube is ripped from the docking ring and many ST checks are made to see if anyone is sucked out into vaccum. Fortunately, Nicole is blocked by Jason and manages to simply wrench a feathered wing (ow!). Justin opens the second airlock hatch and walks into the cargo bay, followed by Matt, RXDX^2, Nicole, and Jason.

Inside, they find some crates and two cabins, one of which houses a dried corpse that, according to Jason's infravision contacts, has a slight heat signature coming from its chest cavity. Sarah, meanwhile, seems to be having some problems with the computer as its AI has quietly gone insane. It keeps pestering her, and the rest of the party, to select a Pong varient to play. Hm. Matt jacks into the system via his Interface Jack, and gathers some basic information about the ship stats and history (the ship's name: Tanstaafl (no, it's not the one in GURPS Space 3/e!!)); so does Jason. Justin walks up the hallway to the bridge, only to find the blast doors have shut themselves in response to the cargo bay's brief exposure to vaccum. Justin sets about to opening them with force. Inside, Sarah has lit a marijuana cigarette and is pilotting the ship away from Locuss Station, as it explodes. She notices that the life support has gone offline and someone seems to be trying to force the bridge blast doors open... she activates the door motors, which faced with Justin's amazing strength, promptly burn out and create a large amount of smoke. Jason goes back to the cargo bay and starts opening crates; he finds a bunch of 5 pound bags of blue powder and a carfeully packed device which appears to be some sort of Caster.

Sarah receives a hail from a rogue pirate ship; apparently, the captain (who is utterly infatuated with her) begs for permission to conduct a boarding and subsequently, asks her to join him on their journey back to the Mugati system. Sarah accepts both offers and the pirates match acceleration with the derelict courier ship and extend an armored passage tube. The artificial gravity on the Tanstaafl goes out; everyone makes Free Fall checks. About then, Jason, Matt and Justin make their way onto the bridge (perhaps in response to Nicoles diagnosis of a rat from the cargo bay -- seems it was a gengineered plague carrier... anthrax, or something like that) and find the lever which opens the blast gate to the engineering core. This revelation excites Matt's character, and he locks himself in there for a good part of an hour. The pirates begin to board and, totally ignoring Nicole, start collecting stuff from the cargo bay. Justin slips past them, into the passage tube, and, after smashing their airlock, into the galley/rec-room of the pirate ship.

After a few moments, a pirate pops up from behind a couch and aims his laser pistol at Justin. Justin makes a called shot the the face and wastes the guy right there. Blood and brains explode against the wall. The two pirates on board the Tanstaafl start down the tube, carrying the blue powder (identified by Sarah as Martian Plume, a valuable, and highly illegal, narcotic) and the artificial gravity comes back on (thank you, Matt!). Both pirates fall flat on their rears in the tube, and seeing Justin in their galley, scramble for their rifles and go in to shoot him. As they come out of the tube, Justin shoots one in the chest (vitals); he drops. The second pirate gets a shot at Justin with his blaster rifle, which actually hits Justin in the shin. Justin, in retaliation makes a called shot to the chest and splatters the guy. Justin walks over to inspect the bodies, finds one is still breathing, though unconscious, and twists the guy's head off. Hm. (Matt: Can I make a First Aid roll to see how bad the injury is? Me: *pimp slaps Matt*)

Sarah, at Matt's direction, runs a fiber optic cable onto the pirate ship and plugs it into a port in the galley. Matt, still in the engineering core, proceeds to hack his way into the pirate's mainframe. He sucessfully shuts down the pirate's ship weapons and lighting systems [BTW Matt, I'm changing the computer/hacking system so it's not just contests of skill--see the relavent link on my main GURPS page]. Jason and he run down the passage tube while Sarah and Nicole hide in the engineering core with the assistance of RXDX^2. Everyone flicks their infravision on ('cept Matt) and explores the ship a little to find a room littered with contraband, including three Lemon Angel model pleasure androids. Then they all barge through the blast gate (more smashing, courtesy of Justin) to the bridge. There they see, in the dim light of the emergency lamps, Justin's character, positively dripping in blood (well, maybe just splashed with it, but you get the idea), as well as the captain and his lieutenant. Justin, always the eager beaver, blows two or three large holes in the pirate captain. Surprise, surprise, sparks pour from the wounds. Justin shoots the head again and knocks it clean off. The captain's body convulses for a while and starts to reach into its coat, at which point Justin blasts the thing's hand off. The body convulses some more, then goes limp. Meanwhile, Matt walks down to the lieutenant's comm station and orders the guy on his knees, hands in the air. The lieutenant complies and is rewarded with a blow to the head from the butt of Matt's pistol (roll vs. HT...); he's out cold. Suddenly, the lights all come back on, the blast doors clang shut and the viewscreen lights up. White text on a field of red informs the three PCs that someone hiding in the engineering core is not pleased with their actions. Some clumping in the outer cooridor makes them realize that the Lemon Angels have probably been activated. [Then it was like 2:15 am, so we all decided to call it a night.]

1st Session: May 12, 2001
Setting: "The Tick"

GM: Jason Stejskal
Players: Matt Allen, Justin Osborn, Henry Oliver

Summary: Justin plays The Mangler, a winged alien monster with a chainsaw. Matt plays Gareth, a strong, but disturbingly effeminate superhero clad in pink and purple. I (Henry) play a vigilante called the Amish Avenger, a hometown hero from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Anyway, the game opens with Hawk Guy and I hanging out in a superhero bar. We hear some commotion in the street and run out to find Asto-Man (a man rumored to save the earth from aliens and comets every week, though his only qualifying aspect seems to be a surplus space suit he walks around in) talking to the police. Someone was chainsawed to death in an alley... Hawk Guy says, "A crime! Quick, to the Super-Van!"
I reply, "You mean your beat-up 1978 Volkswagen bus?"
"Err... yes."

So we get out on the streets of The City and start looking for criminal elements and I suggest that we fly instead but Hawk Guy is reluctant, so I fly myself (with the aid of my magic cape). We find The Mangler, and get into an argument with him. He starts slicing up Hawk Guy's pathetic mini-bus, which makes Hawk Guy mad... so eventually we sort of resolve things and fix Hawk's van up with some more bailing wire and duct tape. Then we see ninjas!

Ninjas, across the street, raiding the bakery. Ooh. We run in there and order them to stop, but they blow us off. So Justin chainsaws the nearest one's arm off. He starts screaming (I think his name was Earl) and another ninja dials 911 on his cell phone. I tried to tourniquet the stump for him, but he wasn't very grateful for it. Two ninjas run out into the street and I throw a couple exploding bibles at them (Level 5 Stone Missile with the Exploding +40%, Full Power Only -10% and Instantaneous 50% enhancements). They're knocked out by the blasts which leave multiple 36-foot craters in the road. Meanwhile, Justin is having some fun conducting experiments invovling ninjas and sharp, roaring things. We both finish in time to see the Citizen (City-Zen?) standing in the back doorway of the bakery. I throw an exploding bible at him, which he super-parries with his (enchanted?) aluminum bat. Eep. We try to run after him, but he slams the door behind himself. Justin cuts it down with his chainsaw but the Citizen is gone; nowhere to be found.

We walk outside to the super-van (hehe) and after meeting Matt (oh god), follow an ambulance carrying a (few?) ninja to the hospital. Being that this is the "super-van," it takes a few hours to go ten blocks. We impress the receptionist in the emergency room enough that she tells us which room one of the ninjas is resting in. We go up there and right off the bat, Justin starts experimenting with the defibulators (the electric shocking things that they use to revive ppl who's hearts stop beating). He jacks it up to half power and tries it out on the sleeping ninja's abdomen. It catches on fire. People begin screaming. Someone bursts into the room and I quickly explain that I've never met any of these people. [Then it was like 11:30 pm, so we all figured we'd watch South Park]