Zombietown, USA

Campaign start date: October 27th, 2001. I GM'd, Matt and Justin played 200 point characters with 100 points in disadvantages (Justin set the parameters for this game because he got the highest EP bid). Anyway, to quickly summarize the first session:

Justin is playing Alex Smith, Matt is playing Jacob Michaels. They begin in Jacob's basement. Something bangs on the basement door (to the outside)... Alex opens it with his telekinesis (TK). The figure is a man with pale skin who staggers towards him with one arm out-stretched, unable to speak. Alex uses his TK to kill the man; when the guy collapses to the floor, they see huge bloody gashes in his back (apparently, he was bleeding to death and came to the nearest door for help). Anyway, the guys flip on the TV to see a frantic local newscast. The reporter warns people in Silverbow county (Jacob and Alex live in Bute, Montana) to be alert for mysterious figures wandering around the north side of town attacking people. Jacob and Alex block the downstaris door (to the outside) with a filing cabinet and head upstairs. They think they see a person in the backyard, so Jacob opens the back door to check. A disfigured guy lying in the bushes near the house lunges at him and bites him on the left calf, knocking him down. In the end, Jacob gets bitten three times but manages to shoot the zombie with his shotgun. Now, this was a long session, so I'll be brief about the following. The guys try to board up the upstairs area, but they miss a window or two. About three zombies make it in and attack, but the guys shoot/crush/slash/dismember them (TK and shotgun/pistol/knife). Gruesome. They hear a woman scream downstairs and rush down there. They see the TV has been left on; the news station is being overrun by these creatures and they're in the process of devouring the star reporter. Meanwhile, there's a scratching sound coming from the basement door. Hm. Alex goes upstairs, Jacob sees a person waiting in the adjoining room behind the door--and the guy who Alex killed earlier is gone, leaving nothing but a pool of blood. Jacob draws his pistol, shoots the zombie through the door. Manages to kill him with another shot or two. Then some more zombies break in upstairs. The guys kill 'em. They block some more windows/doors.

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