Transhuman Space Stuff

Lloyd "Rusty" Knickerbacker
Detailed 200 point character I used to play in an online THS game. Includes background, programmed ally, cybershell template, inventory (plus software), Mars encumbrance chart, and more.

MacLarren "Plotinus" P7
A 221.5 point Roman philosopher-turned-LAI suitable for use as a programmed ally.


A 57 point cybershell template. A very basic, inexpensive, obviously mechanical humanoid cybershell. A cheaper alternative to the Cyberdoll (TS122).

3D Cryobot
40.5 kB JPEG of some Cryobot (TS122) renderings I made with Maya. It's an ice-penetrating amphibious cybershell.

"Still, the world of 2100 is no utopia." — David Pulver, Transhuman Space