MacLarren "Plotinus" P7
An LAI programmed ally for Transhuman Space.

221.5 points

Plotinus, who takes hir name from the Roman philosopher (204 - 270 AD), is a generally brilliant LAI infomorph designed to be run on a complexity 7 virtual interface implant.

Attributes: ST — [—]; DX 10 [0]; IQ 10 [0]; HT14/1 [0]
Advantages:     LAI-7 [50], Language Talent +2 [4].
Disadvantages: Virtual Interface Implant (small, genius, compact computer) [-11].
Skills: Accounting-13** [1], Area Knowledge-12 (L4) [4], Area Knowledge-12 (Earth) [4], Area Knowledge-12 (Luna) [4], Area Knowledge-10 (L5) [1], Artificial Intelligence-8 [1], Astronomy-14 [12], Biochemistry-9 [4], Chemistry-10 [4], Chess-16 [12], Computer Programming-13** [4], Cooking-12 [4], Detect Lies-12*** [12], Driving-10 (Automobile) [2], Ecology-7 [1], Electronics-12** (Communications) [4], Electronics-12** (Computers) [4], First Aid-13 [6], Genetics-7 (Genetic Engineering) [1], Geology-7 [½], History-10 (Roman Empire), Law-10 (European Union) [4], Literature-12 [8], Mathematics-12** [2], Memetics-9 [4], Metallurgy-7 [½], Meteorology-9 [1], Naturalist-10 [4], Philosophy-14 [12], Photography-10 [2], Physics-10 [4], Physiology-8 [2], Poetry-8 [½], Politics-8*** [4], Psychology-10*** [10], Research-14 [10], Savoir-Faire-12 [4], Strategy-8 [1], Tactics-8 [1], Teaching-12 [6], Theology-10 [4], Vacc Suit-9 [1], Writing-11 [4].
Languages: English-12* [2], French-10* [½], German-12* [2], Hindi-11* [1], Japanese-14* (native) [2], Latin-14* [6], Mandarin-11* [1], Spanish-10* [½].
* Includes bonus from Language Talent.
** Includes bonus from Mathematical Ability.
*** Includes penalty from Low Empathy.
Cost: $57,600

"Plotinus" costs 60 points if bought as an advantage — Ally (Programmed; "Plotinus;" 15 or less).

This eclectic, multitalented LAI is the product of a four year collaboration involving six hive-linked AI programmers from the MacLarren Unity. In "person," Plotinus resembles the famous bust of the Roman philosopher; an old, bald, white-haired, bearded Caucasian man with tired features, a lined brow, and hollow cheeks. His avatar is clothed in the stereotypical toga and adorned with laurels.

The LAI was originally intended to be a shadow of the original Plotinus (designed mostly as an experiment), but constant tinkering and revision by the programming team led to hir current form. An earlier "beta" version of Plotinus had a disturbingly common tendency to develop into emergent intelligences after more than fourteen months of continuous operation (much to the dismay of those who pirated the LAI); this problem has been corrected in versions later than build 1502.

Plotinus can also be run on a Wearable Virtual Interface (this raises his point value to 231.5, but his cost as a programmed ally remains the same).

"To go places and do things that have never been done before - that's what dying is all about." — Susan Xu, Transhuman Space