Old News: September 11th to September 29th, 2001 (11 entries)

8:51pm, 29 Sep. 2001:
Well, I saw Star Trek: Enterprise. It was pretty good; I like the actors and the set design, special effects, etc. was all well done. The only thing I didn't like was the $%@&*#-ing theme song. Oh my gawd that was a bad song. Ick. But, besides THAT, the show was great. Starfleet has linguists on ships... haha. And that Doctor (Flox?) is a riot. Oh yeah, I put something up in the GURPS Random Ideas. Anyway, thats about it.

11:51pm, 27 Sep. 2001:
Matt and Stacy just went home; they came over this afternoon and we played BRAWL, Corruption and a lot of Quake III and Counter-Strike and got dinner at McDonald's (Matt had the chicken sandwich, Stacy had the Fillet o' Fish and I had the double-quarter-pounder). Letterman is doing his Top Ten list for things you don't want to hear Tom Selleck say... very funny stuff. "Quick, don't ask questions, just give me your pants." Heh. Anyway. Stacy (who is male, BTW, which I had not known before I met him) runs a Star Trek game that Matt is in; it sounds interesting, but I'm wary of joining a non-GURPS campaign (plus, it's over in West Richland which is kinda far from here). Looks like Saturday is all filled up on Matt and Stacy's end, so we're going to have to find another time for the GURPS game (argh, no one has simultaneous free time). Saw Will & Grace and Just Shoot Me tonight. Good shows, though I missed most of Just Shoot Me. Can't wait for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit tomorrow night at ten. I plan to buy some more BRAWL decks when I get paid next week, probably Tess, Crane and Alex (from the Club Foglio set). Rush Limbaugh had some really interesting stuff to say this morning. The democrats are trying to depress the economy so that they can use it as a platform for re-election. Oh yeah, my British Lit class had a quiz today and we finished reading Beowulf. I also finished identifying all 24 samples in my Geology 101 lab today. I only really messed up on Dolomite (which I thought was Calcite).

11:00pm, 26 Sep. 2001:
Well, Justin came over and we went to Infinite Frontiers. We each bought a moderate deck for BRAWL (card game by James Ernest/Cheapass Games) -- Justin got Mischo and I got Rent. This is an incredible game. It's real time (no turns; just throwing cards down one after another) but has strategy and easy to learn rules. Justin also picked up Corruption (card game by Atlas Games), where you try to bribe government officials to get contracts on public works (you can also manipulate the outcome with reporters, district attorneys, and hit-men). This is a really fun game too, but it works best with 3 to 7 players. It's kind of like poker in the way you make bids secret from your opponents. We're going to play that Saturday, hopefully, before we have the GURPS game (rescheduling). Also, Justin and I watched most of Dawn of the Dead; I think Justin found it satisfactory (he's a huge horror-film buff). Anyway, earlier today I met Phillip Rabideau at CBC! He's still using Macs (cough, cough), but at least he's using up-to-date Macs... I think he's got a G4 tower with OS 10.1 (I think that's right... I know zilch about Macs). So, Phillip tells me he has a group of 4 or 5 guys that play LAN games every week or so (this is really ironic since Hanwool leaves tomorrow morning (in 4 hours, in fact) and he's been looking for good LAN gaming all summer). Phillip reminded me that Star Trek: Enterprise is going to be on this Saturday at 6:00 pm on FOX. Woo hoo! Speaking of TV shows, I saw the season premiere for Law & Order... amazing! Great episode; it had a pitbull mauling people in connection with a dog-fighting ring. Justice was served. During the commercials, I caught a few minutes of Wolf Lake (on CBS) which looked decent, but definitely out of the question for regular viewing since it share's Law & Order's time-slot. Tomorrow, Will & Grace and Just Shoot Me are going to be on, so that'll be good. I was the first person to fill out the weekly entry in my British Lit. class's reserved journal. I pointed out the David Breeden Beowulf Translation, which I like better than the one we use in the Norton Anthology. Wow. Anyway, that's it for today. Go buy BRAWL.

3:20pm, 26 Sep. 2001:
Argh, Hanwool is going back to UW tomorrow at 3:00 am and we prolly won't get any gaming in before that! Oh well. Plans for GURPS game fell through with the realization that Matt has a 6:00 pm Astronomy class. But guess what--Justin got his letter published on the Planet Half-Life mailbag! Check it out right here (Justin's is near the bottom). More news to come, that's all for now.

10:44pm, 25 Sep. 2001:
Yeesh, I spent the whole day at school today... British Lit, 2 hr. Geology lab, 2 hr. in the computer lab, 2 hr. in the computer night class. Anyway, I saw the Frasier premiere tonight. An hour long, very good. That show has really good writers. Some stuff from Amazon.com is en route to me: The Horror Movie Survival Guide (390 pg.) and the Special Edition 'Evil Dead' DVD (1979). Can't wait. Also, I updated the GURPS Random Ideas page (been a long time--since June, in fact). Some stuff about chordal character input in Steampunk. Oh, guess what--Hanwool goes back to university on the 27th, so hopefully Justin, Matt, me and him will do something tomorrow. Oh yeah, I saw 'Crossing Jordan' last night and it was good; some lawyer show is on right now and it's not too bad either. Oh my gosh, that Phil Lamar guy from Mad TV is on there as a criminal... thats so funny; he's really educated and here he is talking like a gang member. Anyway.

3:16pm, 19 Sep. 2001:
Got my copy of Dawn of the Dead yesterday; very good movie. Very creepy too. The whole zombie theme reminded me of the 'They Hunger' mod I got from Justin for Half-Life. I installed and ran it... wow. It's got to be the scariest computer game I've ever played. I had to stop after an hour because my face was hot and my heart beating loudly. Yeesh. If you don't mind the 67 megabyte file size, and feel like being terrified half to death, go download it from FilePlanet. Speaking of Justin, he keeps pestering me for another GURPS game, so I think I'll do one Thursday night (I have no classes on Friday, so homework can wait). Oh yeah, I also downloaded the Wolfenstein demo last night (64 megs), but have yet to install it. According to the guys at Penny Arcade, it's really good. My GURPS High-Tech should be coming in the mail any day now (Infinite Frontiers, my usual game store of choice, seems to have trouble getting that particular book). BTW, here's a suggested rule for The Works card game: put a time limit of 3 minutes on each player's turn. If he/she goes over that, he/she has to discard one card of his/her choice from his/her score pile for each additional minute the other players are kept waiting. Without this rule (or other time-limit rules) the game seems to go on forever.

12:37am, 15 Sep. 2001:
Added Additional Ads/Disads/Skills page to GURPS Section, updated GURPS House-Rules. On Wednesday, I installed the 10x DVD drive I got from Directron.com (for $39). Works very well. Watched a lot of Monty Python's Flying Circus on it (my sister gave me the entire series on DVD for my birthday). With the TV-Out on my Radeon graphics card, I can use my system as a DVD player on a regular television with RCA ports. I'm thinking of putting together some basic world info on my current Steampunk campaign (more detailed explanations about cloud cities and why Britain controls the eastern seaboard of North America, and so on) and maybe a comprehensive peice on the effects of re-animation (since Justin's character Damian recently got 'Frankensteined').

1:24pm, 12 Sep. 2001:
Updated the GURPS Books I Own section, updated the GURPS House Rules section, ordered Dawn of the Dead DVD on Amazon.com. Not much else happening. I feel like playing The Works (card game I got at Infinite Frontiers). Last night, Justin came over and we played a lot of Counter-Strike and some Diablo II; my Druid made it up to level 25 and he and Justin's Sorceress got to Act IV.

6:43pm, 11 Sep. 2001:
Jeez, the World Trade Center towers get destroyed and all of a sudden every stupid webmaster thinks he's a freaking poet. Read this peice of pathetic drivel that overclockers.com put up. I mean, I can understand tasteful, short messages like the one Penny-Arcade posted today; "We don't feel like talking about videogames right now." Even Hanwool got all pansy over the thing. On the lighter side, when Justin commented on the event, his first words were "That looked cool when the tower collapsed." Heh. I mean, I'm not glad the people in New York died, but I don't pretend to be some wistful Mother Teresa wannna-be when something bad happens. These stupid liberals would rather try to look 'caring, noble and sensitive' than actually do their jobs. Stop fishing for sympathy and just get on with it already.

12:41pm, 11 Sep. 2001:
I've updated the campaign log with the 2nd session of the Upsidaisium Steampunk campaign, featuring Matt and Justin (in-game: Argente and Damian, respectively). I still have to enter the 3rd session from September 8th, but it'll be up soon. All the local channels are still covering the airplane-attacks in New York City.