Old News: May 13th to June 11th, 2001 (9 entries)

1:03am, 11 Jun. 2001:
Ack, it's late. I just added my GURPS Vehicles & Robots page. It's got two robots/drones on it right now. Also, I have a couple new pages in the Techie section... umm, what else? Been working on the space setting a lot. Lots of info for it. Gonna release it any day now. Haha. Finals this week at school. Ugh. Anyway.

5:07pm, 9 Jun. 2001:
Well, Hanwool is back in town. He got a new 1.2 GHz Athlon with 256 mb RAM and a 64 meg video card. Gahh! I can already see my 900 MHz (128 RAM, 32 mb vid) acquiring an inferiority complex... I must assemble a new system. Fast. Anyway, in other news; Justin and Matt came over on Thursday and we continued the game in my sci fi setting. It was a little bit fragmented--I had to ditch the other three PCs who are too preoccupied to attend my little games. Doctor Prophet got everyone released from the Space Ranger frigate's brig, but Sarah, Nicole and Jason were taken away on a private yacht while Locutus and Jarrod (Justin and Matt's characters) were dumped on a Class IV station in the Canaan system. Oh well; I'll have the write up in my Campaign Logs section shortly.

5:14pm, 3 Jun. 2001:
Not much happening today. Went to McDonald's at three, ordered the number four with a rootbeer. Read some e-mail, posted some replies to GURPSnet, read some SlashDot articles, listened to some Tom Smith filk stuff, watched the Bugs Bunny marathon on Cartoon Network. Bored, again. Gonna work on my sci fi setting. Need a name for it. If anyone has an idea, e-mail it to me. TTFN.

11:48pm, 2 Jun. 2001:
Was supposed to have 2nd game in my unnamed GURPS sci fi setting tonight, but Jason didn't want to play and there was no way for me to organize a game without risking offense towards him, so I stayed home. Ah, hooray, there's a Saturday Night Live rerun on... how incredibly, horribly, boring. Oh my.

11:19pm, 30 May 2001:
Okay, three major notes today: Ein: Saw the ST: Voyager series finale on sunday--extremely good. It's too bad the series was only really good for the last 3 years; they finished it off just when it was getting really good. Of course, it's the same story with DS9, but Voyager's ending seemed sort of abrupt... none of the episodes leading up to it really suggested what would happen (well, except for the one where Neelix left--that was kind of a tip off, but still). Can't wait to see Enterprise with Scott Bacula. Anyway, Zwei: Harry Russell sent out an off-topic post to GURPSnet this afternoon that had some really amazing info: Apparently Baen (book publisher) is making numerous titles available for download... FREE! They've got a ton of books to choose from including Redliners, Black on Black, Oath of Swords, and many more. Baen has presented the material in HTML, RocketBook, Palm, MS Reader and RTF formats. Check it out at The Baen Free Library. As I update this news, I'm downloading The Apocalypse Troll by David Weber... hehe, booku thanks to Mr. Russell! Alright, item Drei: Progress on my yet-unnamed GURPS Sci Fi setting has been proceeding quite well. My playtest group (well, ok, my only group) is about to have their 2nd game within the setting; the first was quite a success. Just this evening I finished a write up on Uplifts. Hopefully, I'll upload all my work by next Monday (maybe even Sunday). Okay, TTFN everyone!

5:17pm, 21 May 2001:
Woops, forgot to update for a while again. Oh well. Against my previous declaration, I caved and watched X-Files. It was okay... Scully had her baby and all that. Oh, and the Lone Gunmen made a special appearance toward the end!! That was so kewl (there was even a metaphor about them being the three wise men bearing gifts and Mulder following a star to the place where Scully was)! Anyway, not much going on today... did you see the Geek.com story about IBM's pixie-dust hard drive coating? Very kewl. They talk about 400 gig hard drives being a reality in the next year or two. Heh. Oh, I put up some GURPS Campaign Logs in the GURPS Section--we played my Sci Fi setting on Saturday, and I think it went well. Go read the session record, it's not boring, I swear. Well, IMHO anyway. Right. Well.

10:39pm, 17 May 2001:
Oh yeah, FOX is cancelling "The Lone Gunmen"! Can you believe that? That was an awesome show. Gahh. Well, that fixes it; I'm not watching X-Files anymore. Geez... you know, the whole X-Files universe could have become a setting all it's own; what if we'd gotten other spin-offs, like the Star Trek series? Agh. Lone Gunmen show had so much potential. I even made a point of catching or recording every episode. FOX sucks ass. Okay, I guess I'm done ranting. Geez. Oh, BTW, the 400 mhz PII on my network seems to take about 13 and a half hours to complete a SETI@home work unit (compared to my 900 mhz Athlon's 5 and a half hours). Might start clearing space to set up a couple systems in the big room tomorrow. Anyway.

7:49pm, 15 May 2001:
I made a SETI@home group! It's made up of the computers on my LAN, but anyone can join if they want to. Check out the new page I made for it by following the SETI@home link in the left frame.

7:58pm, 14 May 2001:
Added my MP3 collection list and stats to the Techie section... messed around with Paint Shop Pro 7 some more. Did up some graphics for my GURPS Sci Fi setting project. Have to do a group project in Philiosophy 101 this week. Ugh. Anyway.

12:13pm, 13 May 2001:
Cleared out the old news entries and put them in the archive; April 23rd to May 10th. Hm. Not much going on today. Started a GURPS "The Tick" campaign last night (I play The Amish Avenger... don't ask). Have a bit of homework to do tonight. Chapter questions for American Government PS 100 and a 3 page rough draft for English 101. I'm going to try and add something to the Techie page today. I have Winamp (v2.72) shuffling all the MP3s in my collection (3.5 gigs) right now and it seems as though this is the 5th time it's played Aerosmith's "Living On the Edge." Aiya. Oh, I bought Justin's copy of "Seven" on DVD from him on Friday. Good movie. Been researching the Amish. Very interesting. Check out The Amish Country News website if you're curious. Ummm... that's it fer today I s'pose. TTFN.