Old News: June 26th to July 8th, 2001 (11 entries)

6:27pm, 8 Jul. 2001:
Just posted last night's Steampunk Game in the Campaign Logs. Hanwool says he's going to build a water-cooled system. Pff, he doesn't even overclock! Of course, it's still very kewl. I'm looking at an ATI Radeon 64MB DDRAM 2X/4X AGP video card over at GoGoCity.com. $155 with TV-Out and a 60 month warranty.

2:59pm, 8 Jul. 2001:
Well, Justin, Matt, Nicole (Matt's S.O.), and Hanwool were supposed to come over last night for a GURPS Steampunk game, but Hanwool got stuck at the motel and helping his grandmother who's visiting from South Korea and Justin came down with some weird disease from Australia that he had thought was just a cold but turned out to be much worse. Anyway, Matt and Nicole and I had the game and it went pretty well. I'll post the log in the Campaign Logs section sometime soon.

3:29pm, 7 Jul. 2001:
Replaced my sister's PSU in the 266. eMachines suck. The PSU in there only had 3 regular connectors and one for the floppy drive. And it was really small... like half the size of a regular 250 W PSU; the fan was even mounted on the outside. Anyway, my sister is going to let me have the 266 once she gets all her files off it and in to her laptop. I can scrap it for the CD-ROM, floppy and modem. I've gotten 37 responses to the GURPSnet Mailing List survey thus far. A lot more people are from Finland and Austria than I thought there were. Average age is looking to be around 31 years. Anyway.

11:21pm, 6 Jul. 2001:
Just ordered a GlobalWin CAK38 CPU cooler for my (future) 462-pin 1.4 GHz Athlon Thunderbird from CoolerStar.com. It scored within the Top 5 in Tom's Hardware Guide's comparison of 46 CPU coolers back in May. Extremely nice, not too heavy, not too expensive. Have to install a new ATX power supply in my sister's 266 MHz Celeron tomorrow. Ah, a 266... that's like owning a 8-track player. Or a telegraph. Jeez. Maybe I'll pop my spare 433 MHz Celeron into her system while I've got it open. Anyway.

3:30pm, 6 Jul. 2001:
Started the GURPSnet mailing list survey just a few minutes ago. Hope it works out well. Last night Justin came back from Australia (he says his 4th of July lasted 48 hours). Also, last night I ordered my motherboard (the Microstar I talked about on the 29th of June) and one stick of PC2100 DDR RAM, 256 megabytes. Oh and a few rounded IDE cables. Woohoo.

10:49pm, 2 Jul. 2001:
Just posted my review of the Hon Hai 7A090-01 case in the Techie section. You should go buy one right now. Or not. It's that good.

7:41pm, 2 Jul. 2001:
I received my Hon Hai/Foxconn case today!! It is so incredibly ultra-kewl and mega-hip. Holy cow, it's amazing. I'll post pictures and a short write up of it in my Techie section shortly. I can already tell that it'll beat the crap out of Hanwool's hydraulic case (not to mention the 'full' tower case on his 1.2 GHz). It even has little caster wheels with lock switches. 6 external 5.25 drive bays, 2 external 3.5s. Wow. Um... what else? Interesting stuff on Slash-Dot today about an Australian that patented the wheel and the mosaic art project over at tiles.ice.org. Virtualhideout.net is still down! It's been like a month now and I havn't seen any explanations anywhere. Argh, I loved that site. Anyway, not much going on. I saw Tomb Raider yesterday; kind of predictable, but lots of eye candy. Robots, ancient steampunk-like machinery, golem-ish statue-people, lost ice-cities, heavy military hardware, mansions, and so on. Fun. Still havn't seen AI yet. Slash-Dot's review said it was pretty good but everyone says to stop watching when the boy-robot jumps into the sea, whatever that means. Okay, that's it.

5:42pm, 30 Jun. 2001:
I just read the Tri-City Herald's (our local paper) review of AI. They said it was a so-so movie that failed to live up to either Spielberg or Kubrick's standards. Whatever. Having learned that it just opened today, perhaps I will go see it instead of the usual LAN game/GURPS session. BTW, the number of hits for this main index just hit 100. That's kind of good for a site that's only been up for 2 and a half months, I think. I dunno. That's an average of 1 and a third hits per day...

3:27pm, 29 Jun. 2001:
Been looking at motherboards... Directron has a Microstar MSI K7T266 PRO socket A for $146 that looks pretty good; comes in the retail box even. Um. Might have a GURPS game tonight if Justin is back from Australia and ppl arn't busy. I'd like to do a GURPS Discworld game, since I've been reading Discworld Also. Perhaps I'll incorporate it into my Sci Fi setting ("Well, you guys were all lying around your ship when you were suddenly apprehended by insane brain-hacking scientists and forced to play their Discworld sensie... here's your troll/wizard/igor character sheets."). At any rate, the bookstore, which was supposed to get one of my class texts today, was closed. Argh.

3:58pm, 28 Jun. 2001:
Well, I got my FireWire/i.Link/IEEE 1394 PCI card. It works wonderfully and I've been having a blast trying out this video-editing stuff. I burned a backup CD for my 900 MHz yesterday as well as an audio CD in the morning. Might go to Hanwool's tonight to play AOE2:TC (Random Arabia Conquest game); you know he wants me to bring my own monitor? How sad is that? I have to lug one of the 17"s over cuz the only one he has is a mega-blurry 15" with a scratch down the center of the screen. Gah. And I have to bring an optical mouse too... I refuse to use mechanical mice anymore as they are inferior. Oh yeah, Hanwool sucks at AOE2. He got killed 3 times yesterday in modem games against moderate computers opponents. OMG. The only game he can play is CounterStrike. Anyway.

2:42pm, 26 Jun. 2001:
Wow, been busy. Started CBC Summer Quarter classes; I'm taking 14 credits (wanted to take it a little easy for the summer). Yesterday I got a Sony DCR-TRV17 Mini-DV Camcorder. Woohoo! Digital is where it's at! I tried some video and still transfers to my computer via the USB/Memory Stick connection. Interesting. I might go back to Circuit City today and get the FireWire/i.Link/IEEE 1394 PCI card to do the heavy video editing (with USB, you can only do 15 seconds at a time thru the memory stick in MPEG1 format and the resoution is like 320 by 240 or so). Been filing Matt's MP3 CDs... there are some really good songs on there. "Rah Rah Rasputin, lover of the Russian Queen, they put some poison into his wine!" Hah. Oh, also purchased $163 in overpriced textbooks today. Gahhh, why are they so expensive? My Hon Hai full tower will be here on the 2nd of July, hopefully. Oh, I archived all the news that was here before (June 12th to 24th) into the Old News section. Anyway...