O RLY? Gallery 2

The Andre the Giant O RLY. (Image originally said "OBEY" before someone covered parts of the B and E.)

The Asian girl O RLY. This image appeared previously bearing different text macros.

The Sakaki (from Azumanga Daioh) O RLY.

Anonymous little girl O RLY.

The Bronson Arroyo (pitcher for the Boston Red Sox) O RLY.

The Bruce Campbell (from the movie Evil Dead) O RLY.

The Jack Bauer (a la 24) O RLY.

The Dr. Evil (from various Austin Powers movies) O RLY.

The Albert Einstein O RLY.

A random person O RLY. Gender and identity unknown.

Another random person O RLY. Male.

The live-action Luigi O RLY. From that old "Super Mario Brothers Super Show" TV series.

The Mr. Miyagi (a la Karate Kid) O RLY.

The O'Reilly Factor O RLY.

The Emperor Palpatine (Star Wars) O RLY.

The Uncle Rico (from Napoleon Dynamite) O RLY.

The Steve Pomeroy O RLY.

The Tsukishima Shiori (from Midori's Days/Midori no Hibi) O RLY.

The white cat O RLY.

The Winry Rockbell (from Full Metal Alchemist/Hagane no Renkinjutsushi) O RLY.

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"Life does not cease to be funny when people die any more than it ceases to be serious when people laugh." — George Bernard Shaw