Old News: October 9th to October 20th, 2002 (12 entries)

6:14 a.m. [GMT-8:00]
20 Oct. 2002 (Sun); Post #206
Okay, new rule for myself: no coffee after 5:00 p.m. Arrgh, I cannot sleep. Want to, but can't. Yup... I downloaded this really kewl Winamp 3 skin called Act 3, Scene 1. It's by the Skinarmory. For some reason, JD and I were up till four a.m. downloading Winamp 3 skins and messing with 'em (you can change a lot of stuff about how a skin looks in WA3, as opposed to 2.xx, if you didn't know). Anyway, that's what the image below is; Act 3, Scene 1. Ummm. Oh, today is Sheree Rabideau's [profile] 18th birthday. Ryan [profile] and Beefy [profile] are still asleep.

1:20 a.m. [GMT-8:00]
20 Oct. 2002 (Sun); Post #205
We had a barbecue and played Fluxx, Magic, WarCraft III. The burgers JD [profile] and Beefy [profile] grilled were excellent. Saturday Night Live was very funny; Senator McCain hosted. I wanna order Chrononauts (Looney Labs card game with Nanofics on the cards). It looks really good. Oh, I made lots of coffee. It's good. Um, anyway, here's a collage I made from pictures taken today:

3:13 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
19 Oct. 2002 (Sat); Post #204
Well, last night we played Fluxx and Magic. Phillip, Sheree, Ryan, and I went to see the 10:15 p.m. showing of Red Dragon. Very good movie; some great twists towards the end. Then we all stood outside the theatre for an hour talking. Surprisingly fun. Then, I was up till 4:45 a.m. playing this long team-Magic game (Beefy and Drew v. me and JD; two-headed monster, mana sharing, shared defense). JD and I won, but just barely (one more turn and they would've had us). Took 'em out with my Hecatomb. My grandma sent me a coffee maker, grinder, and coffee beans (pictured below), and now I'm gonna go to the store to get filters and lunch. TTFN.

10:40 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
17 Oct. 2002 (Thu); Post #203
Just thought I'd mention these: Beefy [profile] and Kevin [profile] have made their own websites: Beefy Page of Goodness and [PaPeR]Clan, respectively. I'm gonna go get dinner in a little while, then study for my MIS 350 exam tomorrow. BTW, I'm reading Nancy Kress's Alien Light right now. It's really good, but surprisingly racy compared to her other works I've read; Beggars and Choosers, Brain Rose, and Beggars in Spain. I ordered Beggar's Ride from Barnes & Noble about a week ago (along with I'm the One I Want by Margaret Cho and The Straight Dope: A Compendium of Human Knowledge by Cecil Adams); it's the final book in the Sleepless Trilogy. Anyway, TTFN.

8:30 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
17 Oct. 2002 (Thu); Post #202
Well, I fixed my problem... sort of. Turns out my Soyo Dragon mobo is screwed up big time. It will POST, but only under certain conditions (1 stick of 256 DDR in the first DIMM slot, no PCI cards, no USB ports plugged in on the board, etc.). Anyway, looks like I'll have to buy yet another Gigabyte mobo. Right now, I've got all the good parts except the processor into the Shirley machine; it's current stats are:

Athlon XP 1700+ (266 MHz FSB)
1 GB of DDR PC2100 RAM
GeForce 4 Ti4600
40x12x40x CD-R drive, 10x DVD-ROM
MSI KT266 mobo
Two 80 GB ATA-133 HDs (Seagate, Western Digital)
LinkSys LNE100TX v5 NIC

The extra HD space is very nice. I have a make-up exam scheduled for tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. I'm watching Scrubs on NBC right now. Vrry funny. Had Wendy's for lunch. The fries tasted old.

1:57 a.m. [GMT-8:00]
17 Oct. 2002 (Thu); Post #201
Agh, I'm making this post from my Shirley machine (Athlon XP 1700+, 512 DDR, Radeon 7500 AIW, 24x CD-R) because my primary, Chesty, is having problems. Basically, I went to install a new 40x write CD-R drive and a 512 stick of DDR RAM (bringing the total to 1 GB) and may have accidentally shorted the mobo. I'm not totally sure; it POSTed once after the incident, but then I couldn't get it to do it again. Tried a lot of stuff (reseating/switching out RAM, reseating the video card, clearing the BIOS, etc.), but none of it really worked the way I wanted it to. Tomorrow, I'll take the system apart and rebuild it, prolly in a different case (or none at all, or one I make myself). Test everything... agh. So much hassle. Anyway, I watched a lot of Mr. Show with Bob and David (got a lot off KaZaa) and had an English 356 test today. For lunch I had a nice pasta dish with penne tubes, tomatoes, ground beef, and cheese. Dinner was stir-fry. Hanwool came over last night and we played a few games of Magic: The Gathering. Umm, that's about it. Oh, looks like I'll be doing the information desk at the next TCLP (Nov. 29).

6:22 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
15 Oct. 2002 (Tue); Post #200
Woo, post number two-hundred! And the website's been officially up for 1 year, 5 months, and 22 days. Hmm. Well, today I went to English 301, had Wendy's for lunch (the #2, biggie-sized, with a Pepsi) and helped JD do a minor case-mod. We used my dad's plasma cutter to make a hole for his 80 mm fan in his Supercase's side panel (pictures below). I have to go to my MIS 350 lab in 20 minutes. Not much to talk about today... there's some interesting tiffs going on in the TCLP message board, but that's about it. Neat article at the MTG website today about veterans coming back to the game. Well, l8er.

3:20 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
14 Oct. 2002 (Mon); Post #199
Well, we did a lot (or very little, depending how you look at it) this weekend. On Friday and Saturday, we did LAN stuff; mostly Counter-Strike (JD fiddled with Metamod, StatsME, ClanMod [d/l link], and PsychoStats; made DeadLois into an awesome(er) dedicated server). We also played a few games of 10 Hero's Siege and finally beat it with only 6 people (Drew, me, Beefy, JD, Phil, and Nick). Here's the map [73.8 kB, zipped] if you want to download and play it. Oh, its a WarCraft III map. It's really good, but I couldn't find any web presence for it. Below is a thumbnail of a screenshot of us fighting the final bad guy. Anyway, Saturday night we started getting bored so we decided to play Magic: The Gathering for some reason. I hadn't played in years (since sophmore year of highschool, anyway), but I used to be really into it so I have a few thousand cards (mostly 4th ed., Revised, Ice Age, and Mirage, but other sets too; I stopped buying cards around the time of Alliances, IIRC). JD, Drew, Beefy, Nick, Justin, and I all made decks and/or played with existing ones. I made a red Burn deck that's hard to beat (4 Lightning Bolts, 4 Fireballs, Disintegrates, Incinerates, etc.) and a black deck that has a really neat Lord of the Pit/Breeding Pit/Sadistic Glee combo and a super-life-gaining Crypt Rats/Spirit Link combo (which is also killer with Breeding Pit). Anyway, we basically played Magic all Saturday night and Sunday morning/afternoon. I'm actually thinking of buying some new expansions, though I might just see if the guys are willing to play over the LAN with my existing copy of the Magic Interactive Encyclopedia, which allows online play with virtual decks and has been hacked to work with local IPs.

mtg cards -- green creature deck, red burn deck, and my black-white deck

October 12th, 2002 -- Friday night LAN party; the house is a real mess
WarCraft III screenshot
43.4 kB JPG
96.5 kB JPG

1:48 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
11 Oct. 2002 (Fri); Post #198
Went to the neurologist. Had to wait an hour just to talk to him for 3 minutes. Anyway, it was informative. He told me I don't have a tumor or cyst on the nerve in my head that's being inflammed by the virus. That's good. He also gave me a CD with all my MRI pictures on it (one's pictured below). I'll see him again on Nov. 14 to determine whether I need the galvanic shock stuff or whatever. I went to Red Lobster for lunch. Had the crab alfredo with a caesar salad and coffee. It was good. I'm a lot less dizzy now than I was yesterday or the day before.

a picture from the MRI of my head

1:24 a.m. [GMT-8:00]
11 Oct. 2002 (Fri); Post #197
I updated the 'People I Know' section. Added some, removed others. Each person now has their own page of pictures too. Beefy, Nick, JD, and Kevin came over and we're having a little LAN party right now. So far, we've only played CS (DeadLois as dedicated server). Actually, at this very moment, everybody's watching Conan O'Brian. I'm watching too, but from the comfort of my multimedia center, aka my computer workstation (pictured below for no real reason). The thing on the left? Yes, that's a 22" Samsung monitor with 0.24 mm dot-pitch. The 1200NF. Very nice; I got it last month.

my primary workstation

4:29 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
10 Oct. 2002 (Thu); Post #196
Well, I got back from English 301. Had the #11 at Carl's Jr. with criss-cut fries and a Coke. Here's one of those pictures from the 10-4 Tri-City LAN Party I promised. And then there's always Sparksster's pics from 10-4. Might as well describe the ppl in it while I'm here. From left to right... There's JD Scott -- he lives two houses up from me on Road 92 here in Pasco. Then Hanwool, who I've mentioned before. Didja know his little sister had her name legally changed to Julie? I don't know if I said that already. Anyway, then Nick (Zeo/Madifans... Madifans is his AIM s/n). Then there's Shea who's supposedly named after a character from one of the Terry Goodkind books. He's half Japanese. And Phillip's the one on the end. I've talked about him before too. His sister, Sheree, works at the county courthouse. I think she does data-entry, cataloging old court files or something like that. JD and Keith called about having a LAN party here tonight. I don't know how they can stand to play games so much though... I mean, yeesh, we just gamed for 17 hours straight last Friday at TCLP. Oy. But, hey, I figure I don't need to do anything, so they can game here if they want.

ppl at the 10-4 TCLP

5:09 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
9 Oct. 2002 (Wed); Post #195
I havn't updated in a really long time and a lot happened. I finished my AAS degree at CBC and started going to WSU Tri-Cities. Hanwool decided to go too, rather than UW in Seattle. We had a bunch of LAN parties here at the house (I moved completely in July and have been living by myself for 3 months now). I met a bunch of ppl through Phillip mostly; Beefy, JD, Drew, Kevin, Nick (who turned out to be Mike Aguayo's little brother), Shea, Ryan, Aaron, and prolly others I can't remember at the moment. Anyway, on September 26th I found I couldn't taste food with the left side of my tongue. The next day, my face was a little weak on the left side, then by Saturday evening I couldn't move the left side of my face at all. On Sunday, the 29th, I went to the Kania Clinic where a doctor told me to go to the emergency room cuz I might have had a stroke. Well, I go and another doctor tells me I've got something called Bell's Palsy. I get put on some drugs (Prednisone, a cortico-steroid). Through the week it gets worse; my left eye keeps drying out cuz it doesn't close all the way and I get dizzy because of a fluid build-up in my inner ear, or something like that. I saw a neurologist last Thursday (Dr. Lahiri) who put me on Valtrex (anti-viral) and told me to get an MRI. That's what I did yesterday -- the nurse stabbed me with the syringe twice because, apparently, I have "small veins." They put some sort of dye in me and I had to lie still for 40 minutes. It was incredibly fun, and I reccomend it to anybody looking for a good time. No, not really. Anyway, I have to see the neurologist again on Friday morning. I'm really dizzy and keep puking because of it. Oh, and last Friday I attended a LAN party with 53 other ppl at Bingo Boulevard (put on by TCLP). It would have been a lot more fun if I wasn't so sick during it. Plus, I can't drive with this stupid vertigo stuff messing up my head. Oh, and get this: I lent out two machines to ppl at the LAN party, but as a condition I asked that they help haul them. Only yesterday did I get my stuff unpacked from the Explorer... the only reason was that I needed my system to do some database work for MIS350. Anyway, my parents had to help me. I'm not lending anything out systems anymore, I think. Crap, try carrying 4 machines, 4 monitors, and approximately 35 metric tons of peripherals when you can't even walk in a straight line. Wasn't fun. Anyway. I realize the website is out-of-date... I need to update the 'Systems I Own' section, or whatever the hell I called it. I forget. I built a new system. Anyway, I'm feeling sick, so I'm gonna go now. I'll put some pictures up here or something eventually.

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