Old News: October 1st to November 22nd, 2001 (10 entries)

1:38pm, 22 Nov. 2001:
Oh rapture, oh joy; Pauli Hakala has granted me permission to display the Alternate Hit Location Table. It's really cool. Go look at it. We're going to have Thanksgiving dinner (more like lunch) here in a half hour or so. It smells really good. Incidentally, we wrapped up the Space Madness campaign (well, for Justin) on Monday... long story short, he committed suicide (well, his character, rather). Anyway, thats all for now.

12:16am, 22 Nov. 2001:
Okay, I updated the house rules some more and put some more stuff in the GURP Random Ideas section. Nigel Mccarty-Eigenman sent me some really great information on British currency, past and present. I might post that stuff on the site here tomorrow... also, I found some keen hit location tables by Pauli Hakala which I've requested permission to display here. Anywho, more to come.

11:05am, 21 Nov. 2001:
OMG, I havn't updated the site in so-o-o long! Okay, here's a quick summary: I got a new 4.1 megapixel camera (Sony), bought about 4 new GURPS books, started a couple new GURPS campaigns, and got addicted to playing Literati on Yahoo! (as well as Gin and Chess). I've updated the Campaign Log, the New Ads/Disads/Skills, the GURPS Items, and the house rules. If you're one of my players, make sure you check these out. Hopefully, I'll start doing regular updates again. Oh yeah, I got Civilization III and Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds. They're awesome. Anyway.

12:59am, 17 Oct. 2001:
Been busy. I carved a pumpkin yesterday and one today. Other stuff too--British Lit and Geology. Anyway, we've been having GURPS games (Steampunk/Gaslamp/Old West Upsidaisium campaign) on a regular basis for a while now. Every Saturday around 4:00 pm till about 10 or 11. It's pretty kewl. We'll be having the 5th session (technically the 6th if you count Matt and Justin's 'beta' Steampunk game from June) this Saturday (Oct. 20th). Check out the Campaign Log in the GURPS section for the 3rd session record. I ordered, received and installed another 256 MB of 266 MHz DDR PC2100 RAM in my 1.4 GHz machine. Mu haha. Also, for the last few days I've been playing a remarkable single-player Alpha Centauri game. I set the map size at 1000 by 1000 tiles -- that's a million squares, ppl! The game was actually pretty slow on the 900 MHz (only 128 mb ram) so I moved it to the 1400. The game, btw, is meant to be run with maps no more than 256 by 256 tiles. I'm doing it at 15 times what it's maximum is s'posed to be. Woo. I'm playing Morgan and it's about the year 2540. I ended up fighting the Spartans in the 2300's but finally beat Santiago badly enough that she surrendered/pacted with me. The Peacekeepers finally made a Pact with me in the early 2400's and Yang very recently in the early 2500's. I just built the Space Elevator (Orbital Elevator? I forget the name.), so I'm considering waging war on the Believers (they are the most powerful faction after mine) since Miriam vendetta'd me a long time ago (about 2370, IRC). Shard Hovertank's with drop capability and Neutronium armor rock.

3:51pm, 8 Oct. 2001:
Ah, we had the GURPS game on Saturday. Matt and Justin attended; Stacy was out of town. Everything went quite well if I say so myself. BTW, I'll be posting the equipment lists for Matt and Justin's characters shortly (they looted an entire train... long story). Hopefully, I'll post the 3rd session record tonight. Maybe the 4th tomorrow. I sent a suggestion to the GURPS Vehicle Designer general address at makosoft.com... you can read it here if you like (it's in TXT form). Basically, I need better custom component options for my Steampunk vehicles. Speaking of Steampunk vehicles, I have rules for the Upsidaisium campaign's vehicles right here. Anyway, lots to do. Have a big Geology assignment due Wednesday.

3:06pm, 6 Oct. 2001:
Matt just told me DeCon will be on November 3rd (Saturday). We're conducting the 4th session of the Upsidaisium campaign right now.

6:17pm, 4 Oct. 2001:
Aah! Did j00 know the 60GB IBM DeskStar 75GXP (ATA100, 7200rpm) hard drive is really unreliable? Apparently, a lot of ppl have been having theirs fail on them every few months. There was even a story about it on Slashdot! Wow. That was the drive I was going to get until I met Western Digital's 80 GB HDD. It's cheaper, and apparently more stable. I've been playing this GameBoy Advance ROM called "Advance Wars." It is really kewl. It's kind of like the military side of Civilization if it were smaller and anime-ish. Yesterday, I finally beat Super Mario Advance (the SMB 2 NES conversion) and last week I made it to the end of Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (Dracula's final form is just way too hard for me to beat). I love these 32-bit games! It's a lot better than that 3-D stuff they shove down your throat on the PS1, PS2, N64, and DreamCast. Since my GURPS group can't seem to align their schedules, I left a message on Phillip's machine. Maybe I can find some decent Counter-Strike opponents. Bwa ha ha ha, Matt & Stacy (Frags: 40 to 14, my favor). Anyway, the Star Trek: TNG marathon on TNN continues; Adult Swim is on tonight on Cartoon Network. Also, Will & Grace and Just Shoot Me.

5:40pm, 3 Oct. 2001:
No British Lit 264 today! Woo hoo. I found this awesome FTP from a guy on DalNet that I've been leeching all afternoon. It even had some GBA ROMs I hadn't seen before ("Dexter's Lab: Deesaster Strikes"... wtf?). Anyway, not much happening. Chicken for dinner tonight. Oh, I downloaded/installed ZoneAlarm. Very useful program, also free (they want you to buy the Pro version, but there arn't any nags). Amadeus by Falco is on the MP3 jukebox now. Speaking of MP3s, Winamp just came out with 2.77 a few days ago but I havn't d/led it yet (I just got 2.76 like two weeks ago!). Had the Wednesday special at McDonalds (Big Mac) for lunch. New South Park on tonight... also a new (gasp) Law & Order! Ooh, my d/l finished; l8er.

1:53pm, 2 Oct. 2001:
Just got out of Geology 101 Lab and finished lunch (left-overs from Casa Mia; tortellini and fettucini). TNN (The National Network, formerly The Nashville Network) has started their Five Day Mission Marathon--5 days of Star Trek: Next Generation! Wow, if I had nothing else to do, I think I'd just watch that straight through Friday. I just finished watching the one where the Enterprise discovers the immortal Droud on Ranna IV that wiped out an entire civilization because one of their warships destroyed his colony. Now they're showing the one where they have to help out the crew of a research station studying primitive vulcanoids of the bronze age... I think Troi gets captured and Picard is worshipped... and someone gets an arrow in his shoulder (Picard? It's hard to remember). Anyway, I think I'll have to call Phillip and tell him about this. We need to work out a schedule for GURPS games sometime this week, IMHO. Our last game was on September 8th! Elsewhere, I've been downloading MP3s off Morpheus (upgraded to 1.3.3) and BearShare (upgraded to 2.30 on the 18th of September). There are some new pages, one on dice probabilities and another on BRAWL variants. See the GURPS and Esoteric sections. Ah, commercials are off, gotta go!

2:36pm, 1 Oct. 2001:
Oooh, it's October. Know what that means? Civilization III comes out this month!! Oh yeah, I talked to Hanwool; he's up at University of Washington now. He got AOL Instant Messenger so we talk on that. His screen name is "L9ee." He's all pissed off that they expanded the head-shot box in Counter-Strike 1.3. I downloaded 1.3 and the Half-Life update ( last night; about 110 megs total. Hanwool says he might be going to the San Juan islands for research next year. Hmm. In other news, last night was the premiere of both The Practice and UC: Under-Cover. Both were good, but Practice seems to be getting a little too goody-two-shoes/liberal/democratic. UC was kewl. Gunfights, deception, etc. Good shows.