My MP3 Collection

List of all the files in my collection: mp3s_have.txt (99.9 KB TXT)
Collection stats:
9.27 GB
2,699 files

99.3% MP3
0.29% WMA
0.18% OGG
For song or collection exchanges, email me at (address in image form to avoid spam harvesters).

Here is a list of songs I'm looking for in particular: mp3s_wanted.txt
But if you just have some good songs that I don't have, that's cool too. If you can, email me a list of your collection. This DOS command will create a file called "_col.txt" which will list all the files in the current directory:
dir /b > _col.txt

Some requests/guidelines:
Please do not email me asking for a song while offering nothing in return. Do not offer me WAV files. Do not offer me low quality sound files. Do not send me email in a foreign language (if you don't speak English, run your message through a translator before sending it to me). Please make sure your email account can handle the sending and receiving of large (up to 10 MB) files before initiating an exchange. Do not offer me money for songs. Understand that I assume you legitimately own a song (e.g. have the CD) if you request it.

Swapping whole collections:
On occasion, I trade whole collections with people. In these cases, it becomes necessary to burn the files to DVD and cross-send the discs through the mail. At the moment, my collection will fit on three DVD-Rs. If you want to trade collections, make sure you have a drive that can read DVDs and a valid mailing address. I can ship pretty much anywhere in the world, but it does cost me a little bit and making the discs takes some time, so please don't ask for a collection swap if yours is under a gigabyte in size. A reasonable file-naming scheme on your end is a big plus, as is at least a little compatibility with my musical tastes (which are pretty broad). Email me and we can work out the details.

"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams." — Roald Dahl