Old News: May 24th to July 1st, 2002 (10 entries)

10:20 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
1 Jul. 2002 (Mon); Post #194
Ee, I haven't posted in a while. Been busy moving into the Sharkey house next door (pictured below). Had a LAN get-together at Phillip's on Saturday, been losing at Go w/ Hanwool. Still waking up at 7 every day to go to Sociology. Got a lot of office furniture (yet to be assembled) today. Moved Shirley over to the Sharkey house today. Gonna get Hanwool, Justin, and Phillip to help me build stuff tomorrow (I'll buy 'em pizza or something). Getting a bed tomorrow, hopefully. Bought a SOYO KT333 Dragon Ultra motherboard a few minutes ago (from NewEgg). Vrry nice mobo. Going to replace the VIA POS in Chesty.


11:07 a.m. [GMT-8:00]
26 Jun. 2002 (Wed); Post #193
Just a quick note to say that Hanwool and I (and Toodi, or however you spell her name -- Hanwool's little sister) are going to see the 12:40 p.m. showing of Minority Report. I tried to go yesterday, but Justin and Phillip didn't want to/couldn't go and then I found out I had homework to do for my Sociology class (had to read 36 pages in this boring book), plus the continuing jet-lag... anyway. I'm back from Spain/England. It was an... interesting... trip. I sweated a lot. I'll post some of my 87 MB of photos from the trip (bought a 128 MB memory stick for the camera right before we left). Mrs. Sharkey is all moved out of the house next door and I've been watering the lawns, trying to get them to come back to life. It is nice to back in a house w/ AC tho after the condo in Spain (no AC). Erg, my text is getting less coherent. There's a neat 'airship society' thread on GURPSnet right now that has been a really interesting read. Oh, and speaking of reading, I read a lot of books on the trip -- N-Space (700 pages, BTW), The Ringworld Throne, Hit List (a Lawrence Block book -- surprisingly good), Moving Pictures, Protector. And I beat Tetris DX. Um. Later.

12:28 a.m. [GMT-8:00]
12 Jun. 2002 (Wed); Post #192
Well, just a quick post to say that I'm going away to Europe for 12 days tomorrow (well, technically, today). I'll be back sometime in the evening on the 24th. Staying in London for 2 days, then Benedorm (Spain) for 9 or 10, then back to London to fly home. Feel free to e-mail me and I'll read it when I get back (or I may check my Hotmail acct. while I'm over there... internet cafes and all that). Anyway. Phillip is having a LAN party-BBQ-trip to the movies thing on Friday which sounds like a lot of fun (too bad I can't go). ION, I got Jolly's picture a few days ago (it's framed and hanging on the wall, of course) and I sent him and Tracy Casper at Kenzer & Co. a thank-you can of candy and snacks via 1800flowers.com. I cannot say enough nice things about these KenzerCo ppl! Oh, and I picked up N-Space, Protector, and Ringworld Throne at B&N this weekend. Okay, well, bye!

11:22 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
5 Jun. 2002 (Wed); Post #191
Hm... missed a few days of posting... oh well. I'm currently addicted to Genma Onimusha for the Xbox. It is extremely kewl. Also, Jolly Blackburn, author/artist of Knights of the Dinner Table is sending me an autographed picture of sorts! Here's a clip from an e-mail I received from Tracy Casper who does Customer Service at Kenzer & Co.:
The picture I am sending is one that Jolly had hanging on his wall. It is a
printout of a characature picture of Jolly that the Fraim's drew of him.
(The Fraim brothers do a lot of the HM art work). He said he could get a
new one up for himself and said it was no problem to send it to you. I
think you will like it! He also signed it for you.
Is that cool or what? BTW, if you don't read KODT, you should. Even if you're not into gaming, it's a hilarious comic/magazine. I've been a reader since #4. Oh, and I've been reading those Dungeons & Dragons comics that KenzerCo puts out... I hadn't been that thrilled by them, but the last couple installments of 'In the Shadow of Dragons' have been very interesting. I'm hooked. There's a really suprising [minor spoiler] plot twist in #7. Okay, gonna play more Genma Onimusha. That game kicks ass.

1:47 a.m. [GMT-8:00]
1 Jun. 2002 (Sat); Post #190
Quick summary: Thursday, I went to Infinite Frontiers and got a ton of comics -- KODT #63, 64, 65, 66, & 67; D&D: Tempest's Gate #2 & 3; Robin's Laws of Good Game Mastering (okay, technically not a comic, but it's only 32 pages); Girl Genius #2, 3 & Secret Blueprints for Vol. 1; Everknights #-4, -3; D&D: In the Shadow of Dragons #6 & 7; Dork Tower #16; and Nodwick #12. And I got Frag Expansion 2: Fire Zone. We'll have to play that sometime soon. Friday, I finished The Ringworld Engineers. It was pretty good, but I'm starting to get tired of Niven. I gotta get The Ringworld Throne. And Protector (I didn't get all the Pak stuff in TRE because I never read the book that the Jack Brennan story appears in... apparently, Protector is it). I've been wanting to build a small system like the mailbox computer (pictured below) this guy at Neima did, but I haven't seen a tiny ATX mobo with an AGP slot yet. I need AGP. Hopefully, there'll be some sort of game today/tonight.

Larry Niven's Protector Mailbox mod

9:37 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
29 May 2002 (Wed); Post #189
Did I mention that Greg the Bunny was getting cancelled? Well, anyway, while searching for more information on Google (I was hoping it might get picked up by another network) I happened upon a petition to save the show... it's called "Give Me Greg the Bunny or Give Me Death! Blah!" Funny, ne? I'm signature #4,073. Oh, and I read today that the people that call IEEE 1394 [sic] "1394" are now calling it FireWire b/c of some agreement with Apple. Remember the Conan O'Brien bit where Triumph the dog interviewed/harrassed ppl in line for Star Wars Ep. II? No? Go download it on Kazaa. Anyway, there was this guy who called himself "Blackwolf the Dragonmaster" (that's him in the picture below) who was... there... for some reason. Some guys associated with Something Awful called him up (having found his Geocities website) and talked to him. They made an MP3 of the 18-minute conversation. OMG, it is so-o-o funny. Since the original site was taken down, I made this archive from Google's cache. I'm making a card game about Spaceships. Hopefully, I'll get to test it this weekend. Well, l8er.

Blackwolf, the Dragonmaster

9:24 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
27 May 2002 (Mon); Post #188
I decided to find and download the song from that Target commercial (you know... the one that goes, "Orange you glad -- Orange you glad it's summer")... well a search on Google for "orange you glad it's summer" took me to wunderland.com. There, I saw a link to something labelled 'Nanofictionary.' It looked interesting, so I clicked through and learned about Nanofiction. It's really kewl! In the words of this website, the rules for nanofiction are that:
[...] each story must contain the following four elements: 1.) a setting, 2.) one or more characters, 3.) conflict, and 4.) resolution. Plus of course, the whole thing can only be 55 words long, not counting the title, which must be no more than 7 words long.
Pretty neat, huh? Here's a nanofic written by Andrew Looney:
The Relentless Follower
by Andrew Looney

Two pirates shuffled down the leafy sidewalk, followed by a tall man wearing a suit. The man waited in the shadows whenever the pirates raided a house, demanding candy, but he was always nearby. "Your dad's starting to give me the creeps," Eric whispered at last. "Wait," said Pete. "I thought he was your dad."

I'm gonna write my own. Maybe a Microfiction (which is the same as nanofiction, but can be up to 250 words). [update:] Here's my Micro/Nanofiction page.

3:00 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
27 May 2002 (Mon); Post #187
OMG, guess what! My 'Reader's Tip' got published in this week's Roleplaying Tips Weekly!! I sent it in like 9 months ago, but it finally got in there! Wow, I really wish I'd written it better now... Anyway, here's how it appeared in the issue:

1. Use NPC Reactions For Small Rewards
From: Henry O.
Handing out experience points and magic items willy-nilly
can rapidly unbalance a game. Therefore, when I feel the
need to reward one of the players for clever actions, I
often employ boons like simple NPC approval or a good
(local) reputation.

You'd be surprised how little things, such as housewives
smiling at the PC in the street, kids asking for stories, or
innkeepers knocking a few copper off the price of a meal can
truly appeal to the player's ego.

Just knowing that people, even those in a small area,
recognize his/her name can make a player a bit more proud,
and thus, a little more enthusiastic.

Is that kewl or what? Wow. You'll be able to read the whole issue (#125) on their website (roleplayingtips.com) soon. ION (In Other News), I joined the Munchkin Guild, a Yahoo! Group (mailing list) for Munchkin players. Can't wait for Star Munchkin. I'm on Chapter 7 of The Ringworld Engineers. Good so far, but [minor spoiler] I don't like the fact that Louis became a wire-head. Also, I miss Nessus... he/she was one of the best characters, much better than the Hindmost. Um.

8:43 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
26 May 2002 (Sun); Post #186
Water on Mars. Wow! Lots of it, in ice. Makes me wanna go buy GURPS Mars. I really need to get down to Infinite Frontiers -- I haven't emptied my box (where they put my reserved items, books) in like a month and a half, at least. Anyway, I finished Three Books of Known Space last night. Will start on Ringworld Engineers tonight, probably. Watched a couple episodes of ST:TNG on TNN. Saw some neat stuff about Nemesis on TrekToday. Oh, that reminds me; I saw Enterprise's season finale, Shockwave, last night. I thought it was pretty good, except the ending. I hate 'To Be Continued...' endings. Ecch. Really good dinner last night, too. Lobster, corn on the cob, and rolls. Later.


12:23 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
24 May 2002 (Fri); Post #185
Archived the old news. Yesterday, I picked up Ringworld Engineers from Barnes & Noble (they couldn't find my family's 'Reader Advantage' card in the database though, which was kinda annoying) and got Vis-a-Vis overhead transparency markers (for the hex-maps we use in GURPS combat). I'm on page 396 of Three Books of Known Space, right in the middle of A Gift from Earth. AGfE sort of sucks. It's prolly the least interesting Niven story I've read yet. Salon has a blogging article... doesn't apply to me a whole lot tho -- I like to think my blog is more a record of events than it is a place to put my opinions. The opinions that I do express are usually about things which really arn't that important, or that ppl wouldn't care about. I don't think I've ever mentioned politics... anyway, talking to Clear Sky about getting wireless broadband installed at the place where I'll be living after July 1. If it works out, it'll be really nice (finally, a ping less than 500 ms). The image below shows my best pings to a couple well-known websites... pings to jaybill.com, cnn.com, and slashdot.org all timed out.

A GIF that's entirely too large... my pings to zzz.ru and geek.com.

"On the whole human beings want to be good, but not too good, and not quite all the time." — George Orwell