Old News: May 12th to May 21st, 2002 (10 entries)

9:57 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
21 May 2002 (Tue); Post #184
Just saw the Scrubs season finale. And the Frasier finale before that. Both were very good. Funniest Scrubs episode I ever saw. Anyway. I got my 256 MB PC2100 DDR RAM from CnetPC today. Installed it in Shirley. I have to write an article for a local publication and do an outline for English tonight. Eeagh. Going to England/Spain in three weeks. Well, later.

6:21 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
19 May 2002 (Sun); Post #183
Okay, just waiting for the FOX Sunday night block to come on (starts at 7:00 p.m.). They used to show Futurama first, but now, despite having many 'new' episodes left, they just don't seem to like using it. I think there's a new Simpsons tonight, so that ought to be good. Too bad there won't be anymore Malcolm for a while. Oh, I finished Ringworld yesterday. Good book, but it didn't wrap up the way I expected it to. I mean, in the end, you learn nothing about the Pierson's Puppeteers! To me, they were the big mystery in the book. Oh, and they don't explain any of the really interesting stuff about Ringworld's construction (like, how did they spin it fast enough to create ~1 G on the surface? It would take the 130,000 years of the total energy output of their star to do something like that!). I found a really good site on the Physics of Ringworld. Very interesting. Anyway, I went to buy the second book in that series (Ringworld Engineers) at Barnes & Noble but they didn't have it in stock, so I ordered it through them. I did get this big book (574 pages @ 5" x 9") called Three Books of Known Space which includes World of Ptavvs, A Gift from Earth, and Tales of Known Space. So far, it's pretty good (even though the first few stories are pretty outdated). ANTSISCD (that's my own acronym for 'And Now To Segue Into Something Completely Different'), I saw Will Ferrel's last SNL last night. It was pretty mediocre; the only parts that were fairly good were Celebrity Jeopardy, Bear with a Gun, and Weekend Update. I did not care for Amy Poehler's lines in the 'Playmate House' sketch at all (very, very low-brow). Actually, that whole sketch sucked. Bring back Master Thespian!

7:27 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
17 May 2002 (Fri); Post #182
Saw Episode II: Attack of the Clones last night. It was awesome. Gabe at Penny-Arcade felt the same way, apparently. It's Photoshop Phriday over at Something Awful; this week: collectable plates. I Photoshopped the image below for Jaybill.com's unofficial Photoshop Contest #4. Um. That's all for now.

3:46 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
16 May 2002 (Thu); Post #181
I got my Network Walkman! Found a couple nasty surprises concerning its MagicGate Memory Stick (e.g. you can't play MP3s on regular mem sticks, have to use special software to encrypt everything that goes onto the MagicGate stick if you want it to play, etc.), but nothing debilitating. In the picture below, the NW-MS11 is playing Daler Mehndi's Tunak Tunak Tun (really good Indian song). Man, the player is tiny. I managed to fit 4 hrs. of music on there at 66 kbps (128 MB mem stick). Only 5 hours, 49 minutes till AOTC. Need more 128 MB MagicGate Memory Sticks.

31.9 kB JPEG

10:43 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
15 May 2002 (Wed); Post #180
There's a good Law & Order on right now, so I'll make this quick: The Matrix Reloaded trailer is up. I got the 640x288 MOV... it's 24 MB and looks awesome. I hooked my HP SK-2506U internet keyboard up to the Vaio (mainly for the USB hub feature... had to use the scanner). Better than the PCVA-KB2P/UC that came with the Vaio cuz it's bigger and has volume/player controls, but the keys arn't as springy and I can see the lint/hair/dust/etc. between the keys. Ringworld is a great book -- it hooks me the same way Spider Robinson's Callahan's series does. I mean, he's no Heinlein, but it's really interesting stuff.

Crappy snapshot I took of the Matrix 2 trailer in quicktime 5. Who is that with the grey dreadlocks?

11:29 a.m. [GMT-8:00]
15 May 2002 (Wed); Post #179
Towel Day. And Cows.

Towel Day -- May 25

10:13 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
14 May 2002 (Tue); Post #178
Okay, getting more regular on my posts now. That's good. Here's today's news: I'm getting a Sony Network Walkman tomorrow (pictured below). It comes with a 128 MB Memory Stick (I can use that w/ my camera -- it'll hold ~360 pictures (1024x768), as opposed to the 45 of my 16 MB). My family is going to England and Spain in June and I have the choice of going or not... right now I'm not sure which I'll choose. Also, I ordered a 256 MB PC2100 DDR RAM stick for my Shirley machine. Next month, I'll prolly get another HD and a mobile rack for it. Supposedly, there's going to be a Matrix Reloaded trailer somewhere on the web tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. Only 46.25 hours till AOTC.

Mmmmm... 128 MB memory stick... oh, and there's a player too.

5:33 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
13 May 2002 (Mon); Post #177
Been talking to a lot of ppl on AIM; Hanwool (L9ee), Phillip (Intrepid2882), Drew Anderson (Quicksilveraqua), Sean (Arkedy21). I made Phillip a 'buddy icon' but he won't use it for some reason. It's the one below on the left. The one on the right is Drew A. I say A./Anderson so as not to confuse him with Drew Wooley (sp?). Drew Anderson is at UW, Wooley is at PHS. Wait... I think I've covered this before... Anyway, a lot of Jaybill ppl use AIM too. Um. Strangelets.

good lord -- what IS that thing? a rabid beaver mayber... he's at UW. right.

11:28 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
12 May 2002 (Sun); Post #176
Saw the Malcom in the Middle season finale. It was really good. At the end, Francis and his wife (what's her name? Pikoko or something I think...) got like $200,000 and are leaving Alaska. I bet they end up moving near Lois & Hal. I used to only watch this show cuz it's on after the Simpsons, but now I think it might be my favorite Sunday-night program. Well, I dunno, Law & Order: Criminal Intent is pretty good too. Actually, I think it should be called the Vincent D’Onofrio Hour -- it's all about his character; he's the one that does all the work. Criminey, they made him a super hero practically... he speaks like 5 languages (AFAIK, Spanish, Russian, German, Latin) and knows as much about forensics as the CSI/Med. Examiners ppl, as much about law as the ADA. Eames is just a sidekick. It's pathetic. Anyway. I'm watching Ebert & Roper right now -- can't wait to hear their review of AOTC. BTW, Justin got tickets for me, him, and Phillip for Episode II. We're gonna be there Thursday night at 9:45. Oh yeah, I need to give him his HD back (keep forgetting). K, gonna finish watching TV, then edit my final draft of an English paper, read Eric, and go to bed. Later.

5:00 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
12 May 2002 (Sun); Post #175
I just downloaded AIM 4.7 and if you use it, you can contact me. I got Tatamis on Friday (Kentucky model, size 46). They're nice. Eric is pretty good, vrry entertaining. Made an image of Jedi Outcast (from Justin) on Friday; need to burn a disc of it soon. Umm... that's about it. It's been really boring here lately.

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