Old News: June 12th to June 24th, 2001 (10 entries)

7:53pm, 24 Jun. 2001:
Family got back from Spokane. Still bored. Saw a new (to me) Futurama tonight... it was pretty bad compared to the others. Normally, it's my favorite comedy. Matt came over and returned Diablo II and we exchanged MP3 CDs--I got 1.2 gigs from him, and so far it looks to be good stuff; complete, non-duplicating, high quality. If I can assimilate 100% of the new material, including the two CDs from Coos Bay, my collection will grow to 5.37 GB. Bought a Hon Hai full tower case with a 300 watt ATX PSU. Very nice. That's all for today. TTFN.

4:42pm, 22 Jun. 2001:
Had some more Counterstrike games and a 6 player AOE2:TC game here at the house a couple days ago. Ppl keep bugging me and stuff. My parents and sister are going out of town this weekend, so I get to do all the chores and tend to the animals (of which there are many). I think I'm going to go play some chess on the Zone. If you wanna match, msg me (alias: ubergeek_400). Anyway.

1:51pm, 19 Jun. 2001:
I went throught the Counterstrike training mission. Interesting, but not very helpful. Hanwool's making a CD-R of the updates/patches and so forth so I don't need to spend 50 hours downloading the stuff over my crappy internet connection. I added the 'Esoteric' section; the 'People I Know' section has pictures of Justin, Jason, Me, Hanwool, and Matt along with e-mail addresses. Come on, you know you've been wanting to flame Hanwool--now you can! Ah, and his home address is 803 Road 26, Pasco, WA, 99301. It's the light blue house. ^_^

12:48am, 19 Jun. 2001:
OMG! I just played my first serious game of Counterstrike. It lasted 3 hours and it was amazing. Hanwool convinced me to play--actually, I've had the game installed for over 2 months, but never played it because I consider the Half-Life engine inferior (both to Unreal and Quake). I mean, come on, the thing was made by Sierra, the same company responsible for churning out dozens of identical, boring "adventure" games (e.g. PoliceQuest, Quest for Glory, King's Quest...). Anyway, even though the graphics suck, the strategies and choice of equipment are pretty good. Reminds me of the Navy Seals mod for Quake II, but more complex. I like the money aspect of the game. It's still mediocre compared to Quake III or Unreal Tournament, but it will be fun to play against Justin. Oh yeah, when Hanwool played Q3 against me, the first match (tourney 9) was 20 to 12 (my favor), the second (dm 19) was 20 to -3 (also my favor). Yes, negative three. Jeez, maybe I should start putting my handicap on for him... everyone around here sucks at Q3.

4:22pm, 18 Jun. 2001:
I am back from Coos Bay, Oregon! Ugh, the plane trips were uncomfortable... warm, humid, lots of turbulence (actually, I rather liked the turbulence) and constant offerings of salted pretzels and granola bars. Anywho, I got a new Asimov book that I've never read (The Martian Way) and one other by Janet Asimov which deals with brain taping ppl into robot bodies. Also got the new Terry Pratchett Discworld novel, Thief of Time. I'm working on two articles for my sci fi setting; Growth-Tank Psychosis and The Mnemonic Core. Can't say anymore than that. Top secret, hush hush and all that. Wanna do a game for Matt and Justin's characters soon; I sort of left them hanging on the last session. They're in for a big plot twist, but they don't know yet. I don't worry about them reading this because it's a well-documented fact that no one reads this website. Humm.

6:56pm, 14 Jun. 2001:
Hanwool is insane. No, really. Here's a clip of him proclaiming himself King of the "Munchkin People" (97 kb, WAV). That's what comes from using a 300 MHz celeron.

10:12pm, 13 Jun. 2001:
Studying for Philosophy and American Government finals tomorrow. Got addicted to Bejeweled at zone.com. Fun game for being so simple. Hanwool says he can beat me in Quake 3 but I really doubt it. I'm going to Coos Bay, Oregon on Friday and will return Monday, I think. Need to format the hard drive on my laptop and put Win 98 on it (it has Windows ME right now and it sucks beyond description). Gonna buy a case soon. Maybe tomorrow. Anywho.

1:14pm, 12 Jun. 2001:
Added some stuff to my GURPS House Rules page. Feel like painting miniatures, but I have to study for an American Govt. final. The people at SunCoast tell me my last volume of the Outlaw Star DVD series will be there in two weeks. Does anyone even read this stuff? I'm not sure anyone actually visits this site. Hmm.

1:43am, 12 Jun. 2001:
Made some more minor adjustments; some of my links were screwed up in the change to the new format. Working on some RPVs for GURPS. Very, very tired. I'm going to go read my GURPS Atlantis and then sleep. Oh yeah, some ppl on GURPSnet may be starting an IRC game; e-mail me if you're interested. The BBC flashbacks are less frequent now. TTFN.

12:13am, 12 Jun. 2001:
Arrgh, I've been updating the site... what do you think of the new layout? Look, no frames! Oh how I hated those frames. Ugh. I am soooo tired and I have a 6 page English essay to finish still. Fun fun fun, in the sun sun sun -- I want to lie shipwrecked and comatose drinking fresh mango juice, gold fish shoals nibbling at my toes... errr, woops. Been watching a lot of BBC America lately... had a Red Dwarf flashback. Fawlty Towers kicks ass. Anyway.