Old News: July 9th to September 11th, 2001 (10 entries)

9:54am, 11 Sep. 2001:
Hm... I havn't updated the site in a while... oops. Well, I got a 17" LCD monitor for the 1.4 GHz and the GURPS Steampunk campaign is progressing nicely. Oh, and it probably bears mention that the World Trade Center (both towers) were destroyed a little while ago by terrorists who hijacked some commercial airline flights (they flew the planes right into the sides of the skyscrapers). Also, it looks like something similar happened at the Pentagon in Washington DC (but only one plane), though less severe. Anyway, I ordered a DVD drive from Directron which should be here tomorrow. Finally, I can watch my Monty Python DVD's on the good machine.

5:27pm, 5 Aug. 2001:
Well, last night I beat Hanwool and Justin in Frag (SJGames board game) twice (Justin and Hanwool won once each) and I beat both of them twice in Munchkin (SJGames card game). Wow. I had a real lucky streak last night. Replaced the 6 gig/5400 rpm HDD in the 1400 MHz with an 8.4 gig/7200 rpm. Also replaced the NIC... hope this fixes the networking problems I've been having with it. If not, I'm going to format all the drives and reinstall everything. Ugh. Emperor: Battle for Dune has been fun... got it at Software Etc. on Thursday. Got a ton of stuff at Infinite Frontiers on Friday (incl. Hackmaster, Hacklopoedia I, GURPS Spirits, numerous comic books, KODT miniatures). Got a pizza at Dominoes for lunch today (Hawaiian).

10:11am, 30 Jul. 2001:
Gave my demonstration in Speech class today at ~9:15am. It was on RAM chip essentials, purchasing and installation. Simple and not too challenging for a class of average computer users. Anyway, it went well, but it was 13 seconds longer than it should have been. In other news, I assembled my 1400 MHz system. It is really nice but I can't get the network settings to work correctly and the chip is running about 10 degrees (Celsius) hotter than it should be. I might reinstall Windows today. I'm downloading "The Perfect Day" song off BearShare -- it's the theme to the movie, Legally Blonde. Hanwool and Justin were over for a CS/Q3 LAN game on Friday; very fun. We did CTF against some bots in Q3 that were pretty good. We tried the same thing in CS, but the bots either suck ass or are so insanely powerful that we can only get like 1:10 frag ratios against 'em. But still, it was very fun.

3:32pm, 25 Jul. 2001:
Virtual Hideout is back up! Of course, the whole re-design of the site is still in progress and they only have a little bit of news up, but it's looking nice. When I get on the computer in the mornings, I visit Slash-Dot, Overclockers.com, GideonTech, and TweakMax (and VH once it gets up to full speed). All very good sites. If I have time, I go to NewScientist and Wired News. Oh, Hanwool is finally starting to assemble his water/peltier-cooled system, but he's missing the shim that some shop forgot to send him. My parents are out of town till Sunday again. My HDD and video card should be here Friday or Monday. I'm getting better in Counter Strike; I esp. like the de_vegas and de_apache maps. I keep getting an electric shock from my full tower case when I touch it, but I can't figure out why and it doesn't seem to affect anything, so I'm not going to try to fix it. Okay, TTFN.

11:48am, 23 Jul. 2001:
Ah, I'm finally over my disease. To sum up recent happenings: Parents returned home, bought video card (64 mb DDR RADEON), bought 80 gb 7200 rpm HDD (GoGoCity.com), finished Drugs & Health class (final on Friday), started Speech class, found out Jason's S.O., Sarah, is in my class, installed MSI mobo in Hon Hai case, assembled processor/HS&F/thermal grease (Arctic Silver II) amalgamation; though not necessarily in that order. Lovin' Spoonful - What a Day for a Daydream is playing on the ol' MP3 jukebox. Plan to buy clothes and, if possible, a haircut today. Anyway, l8er ppl.

5:52pm, 19 Jul. 2001:
Aggghhhh, I'm sick. I can't hardly breathe out my nose because of all the mucus; I'm light-headed and my teeth ache. I just got over the nausea at 3:00, but now the coughing is starting. I think I might have caught Justin's weird Australian disease at the LAN party. Or from my dad, cuz he was sick last week. Ahhh, I feel gross. On top of it all, my parents have left me home alone till Monday and I have to do all their chores. I need to drive to town for dinner some time in the next 3 hours.

8:48pm, 16 Jul. 2001:
I got my GlobalWin CAK 38 processor from CoolerStar.com. It's very nice, very loud (high pitched), and rather heavy. A real bargin at $37 USD. I also just ordered my 1.4 GHz Thunderbird (266 MHz FSB) from NewEgg.com for $164 USD plus a 3 gram tube of Arctic Silver II. Ooh, downloaded the Counter Strike update to v1.2. 18.5 megabytes. Umm... what else? Posted another page on the GURPSnet survey; Computer and Internet statistics. Also, I took the second quiz in my World Civilizations class. Go ahead, ask me anything about Indian castes. Right.

11:46pm, 15 Jul. 2001:
Attended Hanwool's LAN party last night (this morning?). Very fun. AOE2:TC and CS games. We tried MechWarrior 4, but for some reason, the systems couldn't see eachother in it (even though every other game could). Anyway, what's with all the system modding websites putting so much emphasis on sound levels in fans? Geez, if you don't buy a 131 CFM 120mm just because it produces 46 decibels, you're not a real computer geek. Don't even get me started on those losers that put plexi-glass windows or neon lights in their systems. Anyway, I received my MSI mobo on Friday. It is very amazing. Next thing to order: the processor.

2:26pm, 13 Jul. 2001:
Added some GURPS Houserules, put up two pages of survey results from the GURPSnet Mailing List Survey that ended Wednesday. One of the Jet-Ski's is messed up, the other's battery can't seem to hold a charge. Had 3 AOE2:TC games yesterday, the last was 3 hrs. on a Yucatan map against the Celts, Japanese, and Byzantines (Hanwool and I were Japanese and Saracens, respectively). We won, but the Byzantines were pretty hard to beat. All comps were Moderate. Now we move up to Hards. MS needs to make some kind of advancement avail. that increases trade cart capacity cuz we get so many going that it slows down even our 900 MHz systems. Maybe "Caravan: 400 Gold, 150 Wood, 100 Food -- Doubles carrying capacity of trade carts." so that a cart on a 68 gold route can carry 136 gold (68x2). Anyway, I received my 120mm Fan and grill, temperature probe/display, screws and plug converters today from 1CoolPC.com.

7:06pm, 9 Jul. 2001:
Well, Hanwool brought the 900 MHz system (that he made for his parents) over. It's got a good case but only an 8 MB video card. Anyway, we played AOE2:TC till 6:00pm, then CounterStrike till 6:30pm. As usual, I scored about one-third the frags as Hanwool. In AOE2:TC we played the Giant, Scandinavia map (200 pop) against 2 moderate comps and lost both times. The first time I was Celts and Hanwool was Franks (we always play random civs), the 2nd time, I was Spanish, he was Britons. We almost won the 2nd one by using lots of trade cogs and expansive walls. Unfortunately, it's hard to defend so many miles of wall when you can only build so many castles and Hanwool had his northern area breeched. I rushed in with archers and men-at-arms, but they were killed off by a large group of spearmen. After that we were rushing from section to section trying to staunch the flow of trebuchets, mangonels and calvary, but it didn't work. Both computers were concentrating on the far southern edge by that time and my conquistadors just couldn't make it there in time. Then they destroyed Hanwool's Docks and we were really screwed (my gold source disappeared). But it was close for a while; if we had built smaller, better defended walls and more ranged attack units at the very beginning, we might have taken it.