Old News: July 25, 2003 to August 31, 2003

1:26 a.m. [GMT-8:00]
31 Aug. 2003 (Sun); Post #361
Today's special: Justin's weekly meal schedule! (It's the same every week; never changes unless we drag him to a restaurant.)

Day of the Week
Sunday Ham & Cheese sandwich, Cheetos, Pepsi Two grilled cheese sandwiches, apple sauce, Pepsi
Monday Ham & Cheese sandwich, Cheetos, Pepsi Quesadilla, peaches, milk
Tuesday Ham & Cheese sandwich, Cheetos, Pepsi Steak, macaroni & cheese, milk
Wednesday Ham & Cheese sandwich, Cheetos, Pepsi Fish, cheese sticks, peaches, milk
Thursday Ham & Cheese sandwich, Cheetos, Pepsi Two hot dogs with cheese, apple sauce, Pepsi
Friday Ham & Cheese sandwich, Cheetos, Pepsi Two slices of cheese pizza (stuffed crust), Pepsi
Saturday Two slices of cheese pizza (stuffed crust), Pepsi Cheeseburger, Pepsi

For snacks, Justin prefers: Goldfish crackers (extra cheesy) and fruit-punch flavored Gatorade.

I eat babies.
Justin looking like... Justin. Which is to say weird and scary.

9:48 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
28 Aug. 2003 (Thu); Post #360
Beefy, Hanwool, and Justin have all submitted character outlines to me for Saturday's game. Phill, of course, will be playing his robot character with 50 points in upgrades. Found a really informative site about Michael Moore's "documentary," Bowling for Columbine. Apparently, he's a dirty, dirty liar.

Finally found someone to download "Sorami Cake" by Oranges & Lemons from. It's the opening theme song to Azumanga Daioh. Very good, but better when you can see the video that goes with it. There are some translated comics floating around, but they don't do the anime justice.

I worked out some solid robot rules/ laws for my space campaign. Also, some stuff for cyberware stigmas and laws.

Spent the entire day fixing computers. First, over at Patty's, then at the clinic. Had a nice lunch from Mongolian Grill.

Lots of zucchini and chicken and a super-sized Coke from McDonalds.

6:45 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
25 Aug. 2003 (Mon); Post #359
Been having some stability issues with my new system. Some of this "driver irql not less or equal" BSOD stuff. Anyway, updated all my system drivers. Haven't had it happen again yet. Still, it's possible that it's my virus scanner causing the problem. If it happens again, I'll prolly switch to AVG (right now, I'm using PC-cillin, which is my favorite). I need to move my 40x12x40x CD-R drive into the new system, but I'm lazy.

High probability of GURPS this Saturday. Hopefully, the PCs will decide not to wreck the campaign this time. We'll most likely be playing the space setting again. 150 point characters. Normal humans are expected to have the following advantages:
  1. Interface Jack, 10 points
  2. Chip Slot, 5 points
  3. Panimmunity Level 2, 5 points
Characters without these advantages would be as uncommon and possibly as stigmatized as an illiterate in modern America. Additionally, most physical disadvantages and some mental disadvantages aren't likely to occur since genetic engineering is so commonplace that children are routinely cured of defects before they're born. Of course, there are ppl who avoid any form of genetic modification, usually for religious reasons. If they have any obviously preventable flaws, they may qualify for some sort of social stigma. Of course, acquired flaws are fairly common, provided they're not very easy to fix (like a missing hand or worsening eyesight due to age).

Robot characters are allowed, but the maximum "model cost divisor" I'll allow is 2.5x.

Keep in mind that the setting is generally TL10, but with some more advanced biotechnology and stasis technologies and retarded force shield, nano, and energy paralysis technologies.

Anyway, if anyone needs more information for character creation, just contact me.

2:46 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
24 Aug. 2003 (Sun); Post #358
So I turned 21 on Thursday. My parents wouldn't tell me where they were taking me for dinner; ended up being Red Robin. But I made them promise not to let the waiters do that stupid birthday song thing to me (they did anyway). When I got there, a bunch of ppl I know were already at a table. Apparently, my mom organized something with Phill. Yadda yadda, embarrassing, decent food, dessert, etc.

(Oh yeah, for my birthday, I got a calligraphy set and book, some sushi dinnerware and book, a wall-scroll, a Terry Pratchett book, a bowl, and, of course, my Radeon 9800 Pro AIW video card.) After dinner, some of us went to my house and played some games.

On Friday, I drove to my sister's house in Pullman (140 miles, according to MapQuest) to set up her cable internet connection/ router/ computer stuff. Took a while... couldn't get the cheapo CompUSA router and Windows XP to work together with WEP, so ended up just wiring her and her roommate to the dang thing with CAT5. Got home around 10:00 pm and did chores at my parents' house (they're in Seattle this weekend for a dog show).

Saturday was our GURPS game. I'd write up a detailed summary, but I'm kinda short on time. Here's a quick one: Everyone but Drew shows up and Beefy joins the game. Some stuff happens, then Justin decides to incite a mutiny against Hanwool's character. He restrains him. For no apparent reason, Hanwool's character's long time friend, Archer Black (Ryan) starts attacking him, punching him in the gut again and again and again while the old man is immobilized. Things got worse from there. They dump Rhee (Hanwool) into stasis, then take him out and remove his gun. No one frisks him or even ties his hands behind his back; they just wait for him to regain consciousness. He does. Then he whips out his other blaster and starts shooting at Duran (Justin). Duran dodges, fast-draws his gun, dives to the ground and shoots Rhee dead in the chest. Zamwo (Phill) then decides to open the cargo bay doors, thereby decompressing the entire ship. Silverman (Beefy), who was working on some ship systems in the cargo bay, is promptly sucked out into the vacuum. Black manages to grab his vac-suit helmet and man the laser turret in time to kill Silverman. Duran dives into the stasis sphere generator. Zamwo dons his jetpack and flies to the communications satellite the crew was investigating. Black then decides, for reasons beyond mortal comprehension, to fly the ship into the atmosphere of the ice world they were orbiting and disable the magnetic shielding on the fusion reactor, thus killing himself and destroying an $18 million ship. Drew's character is floating in a stasis sphere somewhere in deep space about 120 light years from Sol. Duran is in stasis on the surface of Garet VIII, but probably won't be found for another 50 years and may be killed by the implosion/ pressure differences if/ when he's released.

Oy, anyway. Gonna see American Wedding at 4:45 pm at Carmike w/ Beefy. We called ppl, but no one who we could get ahold of wanted to/ could come. If you're reading this, feel free to come, call my cell.

Played SoC, Lunch Money, and Pictionary last night with Phill, Beefy, and once with Sheree. Bought Scrabble when I was in Pullman.

4:47 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
20 Aug. 2003 (Wed); Post #357
Not a whole lot going on. Beefy and JD came over last night and we played Settlers of Catan (Beefy won) and Upwords (JD 150, Beefy 174, and Me 222). Oh, I scored 5333 on 3dmark2003 on my new system (non-OCed). Here's an amusing AIM log:

XeoBllaze: ok wtf man
XeoBllaze: I have 30sec
XeoBllaze: WTF is this thing
XeoBllaze: something has stopped
XeoBllaze: shutting down
hjo333: what are you talking about?
hjo333: omg
hjo333: i know
XeoBllaze: quit hacking
hjo333: virus!
XeoBllaze: u [omitted]
hjo333: no, you have that worm!!
XeoBllaze: okok
XeoBllaze: run what
XeoBllaze: 6sec
XeoBllaze signed off.

6:31 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
17 Aug. 2003 (Sun); Post #356
Some things are somewhat better now. Big changes and news over at Beefy's site. It's a little sad though; I'm going to miss my favorite webcomic, Dots.

KIDDING! Anyway. I got this neat pagoda thing and some china-white rock to occupy a grassless circle in my lawn (which I mowed today at 9:00 am with the dang push-mower). Pics below. Going to Pullman to help my sister on Friday. Prolly going down to grandparents' in Coos Bay sometime later this month.

A little strapped for cash at the moment since I've loaned various ppl a total of $238 and they aren't being very quick to repay me. I'm really loving the Avant Browser. Its automatic popup-blocking feature works great. Lots of other great features too. The only thing that bothers me is the way it handles scrollable drop-down combo boxes (it uses the mouse wheel input to select items rather than actually scroll).

Definitely GURPS this coming Saturday. I'm not entirely sure which setting yet, but there will certainly be something. I'm extremely starved for reading materials ATM... wanted to go to the Bookworm today, but turns out both of them are closed Sundays. I have some Trinity (RPG) source books to tide me over 'till Monday though.

Concrete pagoda thingy.

3:26 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
16 Aug. 2003 (Sat); Post #355
Blah, blah, blah... ppl were complaining that I hadn't updated my site lately. Here's a brief rundown: I got my Radeon 9800 Pro AIW (it works well), went to Momiji (sushi place) in Post Falls, ID on Friday (it was very good), and finished reading Callahan's Key. JD and Ryan are having some sort of barbecue today, but I've elected not to go on the grounds that I'm not willing to stand around in 92° heat in east Pasco for a burger. Actually, speaking of burgers, I got my sister to agree to buy me McDonalds if I just drive her around and help her move a desk she's going to buy. Yay.

Once again, for what seems like the hundredth time, Justin and I are trying to organize a GURPS game. Of course, I'm rather pessimistic about our chances of getting ppl together; Ryan keeps declining to come (to put it politely) and Drew and Beefy have to work a lot on weekends. Anyway.

3:10 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
12 Aug. 2003 (Tue); Post #354
I got a suit from Chong's custom tailoring today. It's really nice; a combination of worsted wool and cashmere, gray, two pieces, cuffed pants, single breasted. Ryan, his SO, and JD are here. I understand Drew, Britney, and Beth are coming over soon. DDRed last night during the Charter outage. Only slept two hours last night, so I'm little out of it at the moment.

8:06 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
11 Aug. 2003 (Mon); Post #353
Not a whole lot going on. Getting fitted for a suit tomorrow. Taking the jet skis in for repairs on Wednesday (earliest the mechanic could get to them). Switched keyboards on my main system; had been using an HP SK2506U, now using a Microsoft Office keyboard.

6:15 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
8 Aug. 2003 (Fri); Post #352
Ordered a Radeon 9800 Pro AIW yesterday. Hopefully, it'll be here next week. Very happy 'bout it. Went jet skiing yesterday with Drew and JD. Went pretty well except the SL650 crapped out on us (what a pleasure it was to tow that in) and the 780 seems to be having some problems with trim and bouncing. Rather exasperating since we just got them back from the mechanic last week (with an $800 bill). I've been doing photography stuff for a local realty company.

Something tomorrow. Not sure if we'll have enough ppl for proper LANnage. Will make some calls. BTW, I highly recommend the movie The Guru. Love the music in it too. Sore from jet skiing.

5:00 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
4 Aug. 2003 (Mon); Post #351
This weekend was fairly entertaining. Picked up the jet skis on Thursday, thought we'd go down to the river with them Sunday. Unfortunately, I'm blind without my specs, so I need special "sports glasses." (And believe me, you can't just put cords on your regular glasses; they won't hold up to large amounts of water smashing into them (lenses would pop out) and they'll inevitably be washed off your head anyway. I lost an expensive pair of prescription sunglasses that way.) Anyway, LensCrafters told me it'd cost $120 for a new pair and I can't really justify such a frivolous expense at this time.

But still, things went fairly well. On Saturday, Justin, Phill, Hanwool, and I had a GURPS game (no one else elected to show up). Justin GMed. Phill played a mechanic, Hanwool a hideously deformed giant mountain-man, and I played a federal agent. Turned out it was a zombie game. Went pretty well though. Afterwards, Phill and I went over to Justin's new apartment and watched this movie called "Terror in the Aisles."

On Sunday, Sanders (Kevin), Phill, and Justin came over and we swam. It was fun. Phill brought his masks and snorkels. I found out that if I lay on the bottom of the pool with a full breath of air (I used two big bricks on my chest to keep me there) I could blow "smoke rings" (air-filled tori). They look really amazing.

We finished swimming, Phill left, we did some CS online (we all hopped on the same server). Then Beefy showed up and Sanders and Justin left. Beefy and I goofed off till Ebert & Roeper came on. Then we went to Wal-Mart and got a bunch of cheap DVDs ($5.88 each). When we got back, we watched Very Bad Things and The Big Tease. Both were really good. The latter was really funny, but I'm kind of a sucker for mockumentaries. I made jello.

9:23 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
30 Jul. 2003 (Wed); Post #350
Found out about a supposedly great sushi restaurant through my parents' friend Reggie Ludwig. My mom said it was called Moshi's, but it seems she meant Momiji (the full name of the restaurant is Momiji Red Maple). It's in Post Falls, ID, which is only about 20 minutes from Spokane. Still trying to get a workable date from Phill, Drew, and Hanwool. We could bring one more person if anyone wants to come along, but they'll have to buy their own food.

Mmm, sushi.

6:21 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
30 Jul. 2003 (Wed); Post #349
106° F today. Very, very hot out. Glad I did my sprinkler stuff yesterday. I have all my computer parts now except the mobo/ CPU/ HSF from Ceres, CA, and the case.

Been trying to arrange GURPS for Saturday. Hanwool's new setting (roughly rooted in Chinese folklore) won't be ready for a couple weeks yet. Most ppl have been wanting to continue either the Upsidaisium or Theomundi games, but we've been held back by a few players who can't or won't show up at the scheduled times. If that happens again this week, we'll just fall back onto the space campaign and go ahead regardless of absentees. Justin should be getting back to me tonight with a definite roster.

Here are some pictures from the LAN party before last:

7-24-03 LAN Party 7-24-03 LAN Party

5:34 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
27 Jul. 2003 (Sun); Post #348
Had a LAN party yesterday. Went pretty well. We played a lot of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne (everyone seems to be getting quite a bit better at it) and some CS (fy_iceworld). Also did a little bit of BF1942, but it doesn't work very well with 6 ppl. We played the Battle of Britain map, where apparently the objective is for the Germans to destroy the British radar towers, flak guns, and weapons factory.

The jet skis have been repaired. I'll pick them up sometime this week after I get a pair of sports glasses. Need to find my life jacket too.

4:07 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
25 Jul. 2003 (Fri); Post #347
Talked to the guy at Tri-Cities Cycle Supply. He said the 650 was pretty much okay and would probably be ready tomorrow, but that there's something wrong with a cylinder on the 780 (there was water in it or something). Apparently we didn't winterize them properly. He implied the 780 would be ready sometime next week.

Guess I'll go play some WC3:TFT or sleep. Helping Justin move tomorrow at 12:30 pm. Building fence at 6:00 pm tonight.

12:35 a.m. [GMT-8:00]
25 Jul. 2003 (Fri); Post #346
Just finished archiving the old news. 17 entries! I kept meaning to archive it, but there was stuff I wanted ppl to be able to see.

Got DeadLois (1.4 GHz TBird, 512 DDR266, Radeon 7200, 60 GB + 17 GB) running again (though it was a quick job so Kevin S., Kevin M., and I could DDR on it, so the shell is off and some stuff isn't hooked up, etc.). The Cobalt Flux does indeed work with the EMS USB adapter.

I've got some parts coming in the mail. I have almost everything I need to build a new computer.
  •  Barton 2500+ proc., MSI KT4VL mobo, CoolerMaster Heatpipe HSF: $130
  •  Kingston 512 MB DDR333/PC2700: $84
  •  ATX case, 300 W PSU: $30
  •  Maxtor ATA-133 120 GB HD w/ 8 MB cache: $112
All I need is a video card. I'm thinking about taking the GeForce 4 Ti4600 outta my current main rig, but I'd kinda like to take advantage of the 8x AGP support. A Radeon 9800 Pro would be nice (and my birthday's coming up in less than a month so maybe...).

Something this weekend. Either GURPS or LANnage of some sort. Or maybe jet ski stuff. The fencing needs to get done one way or another by Saturday morning, so Drew, Phill, and Hanwool: let's meet at 6:00 pm Friday night, k? If not, I'll end up doing it myself which will be very not-fun and probably result in your houses getting egged. Heh. Of course, I'm kidding. Maybe.

"As long as you derive inner help and comfort from anything, keep it." — Mahatma Gandhi