Items in Upsidaisium

Three Barrel Rotary Dash-Gatter (.36)
TL: late 5+1
Cost: $72

A clockwork, belt-fed machine gun. The contraption is about three and a half feet long and meant to be strapped to the torso, under the arm by a special harness for stability. The belt feeder and barrel rotation mechanisms are powered by a small clockwork energy bank. Winding for 8 minutes at ST 10 will run the gun through 600 shots (50 seconds of continuous fire). Note that without the harness attached, the gun weighs (effectively) 20 lbs. more (due to its awkward size and shape). If fired without the harness, the ST req. increases to 14, the Acc decreases to 3, the Rcl. increases to -4, and the SS increases to 18. The harness costs $10, weighs 3 lbs., takes 1 minute to put on, and must be purchased seperately. Stats below assumes the user is wearing the harness. Released in 1882.

Malf Type Damage SS Acc 1/2 D Max Wt. RoF Rcl. WPS CPS
16 Cr. 1d+1 15 5 420 2,000 25 12 -1 0.06 $0.02

Limited Edition Colt "Pounder" Hand Cannon, .44
TL: 5
Cost: $12

A stingy pistol with five seperate chambers. One pull on the trigger fires every chamber simultaneously. Characters with less than the required ST take 1 hex of knockback when firing. The muzzel is very short and thick, the gun itself is a dull black color. See GURPS Old West for more info on the "4d+2+" damage value. For purposes of combat, treat any firing of multiple bullets as a single shot (RoF is effectively 1/L rather than 5/L b/c the shots are simultaneous). If fewer than five chambers are loaded, damage is reduced to the number of bullets multiplied by 1d (frex, 3 loaded chambers would yield a damage of 3d). Released 1880.

Malf Type Damage SS Acc 1/2 D Max Wt. RoF Rcl. ST
crit Cr. 4d+2+ 10 1 10 300 2 1/L -5 11

Browning M1914, 9mm
TL: 5+1
Cost: $16

A semi-automatic pistol, silver with a black handle. R. 1875.

Malf Type Damage SS Acc 1/2 D Max Wt. RoF Shots Rcl. ST
crit Cr. 2d+2 11 3 150 1500 3 3~ 11 -1 9

West-Walther PP, 9mm
TL: 5+1
Cost: $13

A semi-automatic pistol, black. R. 1875.

Malf Type Damage SS Acc 1/2 D Max Wt. RoF Shots Rcl. ST
crit Cr. 2d+2 10 2 50 1000 2 3~ 8 -1 8

Steyr M1912, 9mm
TL: 5+1
Cost: $15

A semi-automatic pistol, black. The hilt has two wooden panels attatched to it, each adorned with curvy, etched designs and the right panel prominently displaying the Steyr logo. R. 1879.

Malf Type Damage SS Acc 1/2 D Max Wt. RoF Shots Rcl. ST
crit Cr.


12 3 150 1700 4 2~ 12 -2 9

Nobel's Portative Trinitrotoluene Projector
TL: 5+1
Cost: $45

Essentially a hollow steel tube 1.5' long with a trigger assembly. A powerful spring mechanism can lob sticks of dynamite up to 80 yards. The mechanism requires 20 kWs for each shot (a standard 1 lb. CEB would provide enough power for two shots and require 3 minutes to rewind completely). One stick of dynamite does 5d-2 damage (DL68) and weighs 1/2 lb. Dynamite costs $3 per stick; this device requires that each stick be equipped with a special blasting cap (an additional $2.50). So, CPS is $5.50 (£1 10s.). Use the Grenade Launcher skill. The launcher itself does not hold extra ammunition; a new stick must be loaded for each use. See CII64 for more on damage from TNT.

Malf Type Damage SS Acc Max Wt. RoF Shots Rcl. ST
16 Spcl.


14 5 80 7.5 1/L 1 0 11

Clockwork Energy Banks (CEBs)
TL: 5+2
Cost: varies

Clockwork Energy Banks use the advanced ("cinematic") clockwork energy storage listed on STM69. They come in standard sizes based on weight. Use the following table. CEBs have holes in their tops into which a steel crank (or a rod connected to a steam engine/turbine) may be inserted for winding. A ST10 man can wind 12 kWs into a CEB per minute.

Model Cost kWs Size (cylinders; height · diameter)
0.5 lb. $2.5 (10s.) 40 2" x 1.5"
1 lb. $5 (£1) 80 2.75" x 1.75"
2 lbs. $10 (£2) 160 3.5" x 2.25"
4 lbs. $20 (£4) 320 4.5" x 2.75"
8 lbs. $40 (£8) 640 6" x 3.5"
16 lbs. $80 (£16) 1280 8" x 4.25"

Razor Cards
TL: 5+1
Cost: $20 per deck

These cards are made of a strong but light
alloy. Statistics are as per the shuriken on CII32, with the following exceptions: damage is reduced to a maximum of 1d-2, 1/2D is increased to ST-2, Max is increased to ST+3. A single deck contains 52 cards and weighs 1.5 lbs. (~0.5 oz. per card). A card that strikes a hard surface (most armors) has a 2 in 6 chance of breaking. Can be used as normal playing cards, though a critical failure at Poker could indicate a arterial wound and a bad hand.

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