Jovian Geography and World Statistics

Probably the most important feature about Jovia to keep in mind is that it's huge. The planet has a diameter of 88,850 miles, the same as the gas giant Jupiter (hence the name). Because of its lower density, the surface gravity of Jovia is only about 1 G, the same as Earth.

While its diameter is only 11 times greater than Earth's, Jovia has 503 times more surface area (99.2 billion square miles to Earth's 197 million).

94% of Jovia's surface is covered by ocean (compared to Earth's 72%). This means that there are 5.9 billion square miles of dry land on the planet (Earth: 57 million), most of which is divided into 3,000 landmasses large enough to be considered continents (an average area of about 2 million sq. mi. each).

Jovia has extremely mild seasons because its axial tilt is only 4.7° (Earth: 23.5°).