Interbreeding between humans and dwarves or humans and elves is possible, but often fails. The chance of pregnancy resulting from such a union is about 15%. These odds are slightly lower if the female is non-human. Human-goblin hybrids (hobgoblins) are also possible, but almost always result in the death of the mother shortly after birth.

There is a 10-point Unusual Background cost for PCs playing a first-generation half-breed. This allows them to select any advantages/disadvantages from either template and apply them to his/her character (one caveat: half-elves may never have Unaging and can only have a maximum of 3 levels of Extended Lifespan). Any trait may be reduced in level or effect, but not otherwise altered. GMs should definitely be consulted about any mixed-race template.

Here's a sample half-elf template:

37 points

Attribute Modifiers:
DX+1 [20].
Advantages: Extended Lifespan 2 [4]; Less Sleep 2 [4]; Resistant to Disease (+3) [4]; Telescopic Vision 1 [5].

Players may also create second-generation mixed-breed characters. In this case, it's assumed that character's otherwise entirely human lineage includes one non-human grandparent. Second-generation mixed-breed PCs must pay for a 5-point Unusual Background. In return, they're allowed to take up to 10 points in racial advantages that would normally be off-limits to humans. Thus, for a total cost of 15 points, a player could create a (basically) human character with Infravision and explain it by saying his paternal grandmother was a goblin.

Human-non-human hybrids are usually infertile with any non-human race. After two generations, however, the offspring are once again eligible for reproduction with non-humans (though it's still unlikely). Here's a sample family tree to illustrate these rules:

A male/female pair of different non-human races cannot produce offspring. "Sub-races" are considered the same race for this purpose, however. So an Igtalf dwarf could reproduce with a Tarksot dwarf. Couplings like these have a very high rate of success (~95%), assuming both parties are healthy and fertile. For the resulting offspring, assign racial advantages and disadvantages as you like (with GM approval). But if both sub-races had the same trait, you must assign it to the half-breed.

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