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9:55 p.m. [GMT-8:00]
11 May 2002 (Sat); Post #174
Today's MP3: Rufus Wainwright - Complainte de la Butte. I don't understand most of it... something about windmill wings and stairways... the French; go figure. I bought some books today: Terry Pratchett's Eric and Moving Pictures and Larry Niven's Ringworld (I've never read it). BTW, didja know I had lunch with Niven in 1998? Yep, at Moscon. Nothing really new today, but I thought I ought to make a post. Well, later.

1:15 a.m. [GMT-8:00]
10 May 2002 (Fri); Post #173
What do you think of the new date/time/post# header? Too much? I'm gonna see how it works out. Made 'em myself in PSP 7. Eventually, I want to move this site to one of Geocities' premium hosting packages so I can have my own domain and custom e-mail addresses... but if/when I do that, I think there'll be a major redesign. I wanna do everything up with Flash and images. OTOH, less is more, right? I like the current style b/c it works for low bandwidth, it's clean, and it's simple. I dunno. Anyway. I missed a lot of days... unusual considering my track record for the last three months or so. I havn't mentioned this on the site yet -- I'm moving. Yeah, I'm moving into the house next door (the current occupant has until July 1). Of course, it might be a while cuz I'm prolly gonna paint and put down new carpets, etc. etc. I finally finished my grandmother's computer (had to wait for the 32x W CD-R drive). It's a pretty good machine (1200 MHz Duron, 256 MB PC2100 DDR RAM, 80 GB 7200 RPM HD, GeForce 2 MX 200, 16x DVD, 32x12x40 CD-R). Going to buy Birkenstocks (footwear) tomorrow. Oh, oh, Wednesday's Penny Arcade was so hilarious. Maybe the best one ever. Go read it. Erm, while I'm adding post-script, here're some neat sites I've been to in the last few days: Periodic Elements Table, My Little Vaio (Japanese), Matthias Wandel's home page (he built a lot of electronic stuff in the 80s...). Okay, I'm done now. Really.

1:25am [PST; GMT -08:00], 4 May 2002 [Saturday]; Post #172:
Just got back from seeing Spider-Man. Awesome movie. All the actors are really great (well, maybe not Kirsten Dunst in her lengthy speaking parts). Anyway, Justin, Phillip, and I went. We did the 10:10 showing but we bought our tickets at 7:40. At 9:00 we go to leave and once we're in the car, Phillip can't find his ticket. Well, we looked and looked... nothing. So we go into the mall/theatre and the 10:10 showing has sold out -- Phil can't buy another ticket. He asks the clerk for a new one; she gives it to him! He's entirely too lucky. GURPS Saturday around 4-ish.

2:00pm [PST; GMT -08:00], 3 May 2002 [Friday]; Post #171:
Built my grandmother's computer (mostly -- I'm still waiting for the CD-R drive). I found out I couldn't use the Dragon Orb in it b/c it's too tall (won't fit with the PSU in there). So, I used the FOP-32 heatsink/fan from my Shirley machine instead. The temp's were a little high (65 deg. C), so I rearranged cables and stuck an 80 mm fan from my 1400 (Chesty) in the front of the box. Managed to take load temperature down to 60 C, which is good enough for me. There's a picture below of the assembled (minus CDR) machine. It plays DVDs well. Umm... what else? Oh, I entered this Photoshop contest at Jaybill.com. I just got Kai's Power Tools 6 last night (via KaZaA), so I've kept busy with it and (full version) Bryce 5.

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8:48pm [PST; GMT -08:00], 30 Apr. 2002 [Tuesday]; Post #170:
I'm writing up a ratings/review thing for my DVD collection. I need to get back some of the DVDs that my family lent out (I can only remember Bedazzled being one of them). I ordered The Life of Brian (through their used DVD feature) and Metropolis on Amazon. Got the Gigabyte motherboard and Dragon Orb 3 cooler today in the mail. Later.

4:55pm [PST; GMT -08:00], 28 Apr. 2002 [Sunday]; Post #169:
Here's an excerpt from a post I made on TweakXP. I didn't want to lose all those links when the post gets old and deleted, so this'll be my little archive. The subject was "our favorite freeware."

Anything from AnalogX, especially Proxy, POW! (kills pop-ups from the systray and is only 214 KB), and the SimpleServer programs. SPAM Punisher is good for getting back at those lousy e-mail advertisers. Of course, there's the wonderful Resource Hacker that Relder introduced me to.

There're a couple freeware games that I think are worth mentioning too -- Parsec and glTron. Both of those work on various versions of Linux, Mac OS, and Windows so pretty much everyone can run them.

The LAN party at JD's on Friday/Saturday went well. We played Quake III, UT, SC:BW, FreeSpace 2, glTron (4 players on one keyboard... sheesh), and a short game of AOE2:TC. Oh, Friday morning I went to Circuit City and bought a DVD Tower (holds 40 DVDs) and a PCI sound card (the Via built-in sound on my GA-7DX+ crapped out on me and I couldn't fix it even with driver and OS reinstalls... the new SoundBlaster 16 fixed everything though). At the LAN party, Matt (not persona-non-grata-Matt, JD's-friend-with-anime-DVDs-Matt) showed a bunch of anime movies, the original Transformers, and Serial Experiments Lain. One of the movies that I watched the whole way through was Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis which just came out last Tuesday, apparently. It has robots. It was very, very good.

12:28am [PST; GMT -08:00], 26 Apr. 2002 [Friday]; Post #168:
Playing around with animated GIFs. My latest creation is below (yes, that's me dancing). Okay, moving on... I made this Distances & Units of Acceleration for In-System Travel page for myself to help in building a Shinpi Nokori setting Mugati scout ship. Well, goin' to the LAN party in 18 hours or so. Later.

12:07am [PST; GMT -08:00], 25 Apr. 2002 [Thursday]; Post #167:
I'd like to point something out right now: a capital 'B' means byte, a lower-case 'b' means bit. If you say a transfer speed is 20 kbps, that means it's 2.5 kilobytes per second. How can people not know this? Everyone, I mean everyone, who uses a computer should know the basic stuff on this page. On a related note, you would not believe how many posts go up on TweakXP asking "I bought this hard drive that was supposed to be 60 gigabytes; why does Windows say there are only 55.8 GB?" Duh -- the HD manufacturer uses units of 1,000 for their KB/MB/GB, Windows uses 1,024. Take the supposed number of bytes your hard drive has (say, 60 billion) and divide by 1,024^3 (that's two to the tenth cubed). This will yield the actual size in gigabytes. Okay, I'm done ranting. GURPS game Saturday (probably). Good Law & Order tonight. LAN party tomorrow. Woo.

10:05pm [PST; GMT -08:00], 23 Apr. 2002 [Tuesday]; Post #166:
LAN party at JD's this Friday! We're getting a five foot party sub. Okay, that's all I've got. TTFN.

6:40pm [PST; GMT -08:00], 23 Apr. 2002 [Tuesday]; Post #165:
Today marks the 1 year anniversary of this website! In celebration of this historic event, I've posted a new picture of yours truly. I took it in front of the sheep pasture across the street from my house, right next to my Explorer. I don't usually wear my sunglasses. Anyway. Bought all the stuff for my grandmother's new computer (and added some stuff). This page has all the information. Also, I archived the old news. My LaserBay order went through but there's some issue with my new credit card. I've been posting in the TweakXP forums a lot more lately. Er... happy 1st anniversary, um... me...

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