Old News: April 23rd to May 10th, 2001 (10 entries)

5:39pm, 10 May 2001:
With a bit of tweaking, I've gotten my SETI@home workunit time down to about two and a half hours. Wow. Outlaw Star had a pretty decent ending to it... relative, that is, to the last two anime series I've watched (Cowboy Bebop and Serial Experiments Lain). Let me tell you right now: If you like Cowboy Bebop, don't watch the last two episodes. Serial Experiments Lain had some cool ideas in it but it was sooooo long and boring and vague and weird. Aaaah, if you think you want to watch SEL, just watch the first episode, then go read a synopsis of the whole series; don't throw away a half dozen hours of your life. Yikes. Anyway. Nothing new today... maybe tomorrow since I don't have classes. TTFN.

2:06pm, 8 May 2001:
Oops, havn't updated the news lately... oh well, it's not like anyone actually reads this site anyway. Last I checked, we had 17 visitors. Hm. I'm pretty sure those were all me... so... but anyway, I downloaded the SETI@home command line version of the client from the setidata.ssl.berkeley.edu ftp server in the public directory after I saw some comments on Virtual Hideout about how much faster it was than the graphical version most people download. My average work unit time has gone from 45-50 hours to about 5 hours. You can check out my SETI@home stats here, if you want. 16 units uploaded as of the time of this posting. Oh yes, yesterday I got volume 3 of the Outlaw Star DVD series (vol. 3 is the last one). I only have the last 5 episodes to watch now to see if the crew can find the galactic ley-line. Woo. Episode 20, btw, featured Harry McDougal in an extremely kewl mechanical battlesuit.

5:25pm, 29 Apr. 2001:
Added GURPS Books I Own page to the GURPS section. Kind of sad, isn't it?

6:07pm, 27 Apr. 2001:
Added Techie Stuff page (the Techie link in the left frame) and a page about data unit sizes just because I wanted to know exactly how large a petabyte was. There was a story on Slash-Dot about some scientists in Kyoto, Japan building a storage system involving a cube of glass that could store 1 terrabyte.

1:34pm, 27 Apr. 2001:
Last night around 8:00pm, Kromm posted the Magic Items 3 Call for Submissions on GURPSnet! Go here to see the guidelines. MI3 is going to include items from non-traditional fantasy settings, like Steampunk, Technomancer, Old West, etc. Looks extremely kewl. The SJ Games site says "enchanted guns and spaceships will be included!" Heh. E-mail woodward@io.com with submissions (but read the guidelines first).

5:19pm, 26 Apr. 2001:
Made some minor adjustments to the index/main/menu suite. Got rid of the <blockquote> that was on the greater portion of main.html. Still trying to figure out how to get the Google form to automatically get rid of the left frame. Oh well, not a big deal. I bought GURPS Magic Items 2 and GURPS Cyberworld today (making them the 44th and 45th books in my collection). Considering doing a GURPS Magic Items page. I think the Chip AI rules need to be fleshed out. Need to get my In Nomine book from Jason (it has that body-hopping advantage in it). Still working on my own Sci Fi setting, might have Justin playtest it tonight if we get bored with Diablo II (we just got our level 25/24 Sorceress and Barbarian into the Durance of Hate--if we kill Mephisto, we get to go into Hell). Yay. Oh yeah, I've decided I'm going to archive these little "news" bits every week so the main page doesn't fill up with useless text...

10:24pm, 24 Apr. 2001:
Inspiration struck, so I added a page to the GURPS section. New Cyberware and Biomods. Have 3 items there right now. If you wanna make up another and send it to me, feel free.

6:29pm, 24 Apr. 2001:
Added Google search form and counter. Need to reorganize frames so I don't need to use the blockquote tag to space things. Anyway.

5:24pm, 24 Apr. 2001:
Added GURPS directory and index, GURPS Sliders page, and e-mail link. Going to convert old GURPS documents from mid-90's so they can be put up here. Some are obosolete, but most are interesting (or at least amusing). BTW, I'll reply to any and all e-mail I receive and I usually check it 3 times a day.

10:24pm, 23 Apr. 2001:
Removed old "Under Construction" index. Uploaded new main index and frames, added PGP section, made mini-title graphic. Woo.